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Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 00:54
I am trying to track down a specific address in 1891 and have managed to narrow down the area to Barton in Irwell (Lancs).

However, schedule 15 doesnt seem to be on there (and that's where I think the address is!).

Can anyone with more experience of Ancestry than me, tell me, does that mean there was no such district/it is damaged beyond repair/it hasn't been transcribed by Ancetry, or what?

(I am looking for Milton Avenue, Patricroft, Eccles. Part of Patricroft appears on schedule 16)



Night Owl
14-02-08, 01:23

I don't know the answer about Schedule 15 but there is a Milton Street, Patricroft on Schedules 11a and 11b. Is that a completely different road?


Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 01:27

ARRRRGGGHHH! I started checking the schedules backwards, as the Workhouse (last schedule) was listed as Patricroft and got back to 13, thinking I had missed it as some of Patricroft was on 16!

Thankyou so much for that. Off to check (instead of going to bed, lol)


Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 01:33

Um...where are you looking? 11a and 11b are missing from Ancestry.


Night Owl
14-02-08, 01:38
1891 Lancs Barton (without the Irwell)

By the way I've just found 15 under Eccles


14-02-08, 07:47
Milton STREET, Eccles
Registration district - Barton upon Irwel l- sub district Barton - Ecclesiastical Parish - Christchurch
RG12/3154/19 enumeration district 11

Rachel Scand
14-02-08, 10:36
You've probably done it now .... but I'm looking at District 11a ....
Milton Street seems to begin at image 30 :confused:

Can't see a Milton Ave .....

Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 12:09
Thankyou everyone. I am off to have a look now!


Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 13:39
Ah well, found it at last and my man is not hiding there.

A bit uneasy though...my 2 x GGF died there in 1898, a lodger with the Ellis family. The Ellises are there in 1891.

Many of the men in Milton St are Railway Engine Drivers, or otherwise employed on the railways. James Ellis registered the death of my 2 x GGF and states that he (my 2 x GGF) was a Locomotive Engine Driver.

Now I have investigated this supposed occupation in some depth and can find no record whatsoever of 2GGF ever even working for the railways, let alone being an engine driver.

I can quite believe that 2GGF TOLD people he was an Engine driver...but would he really have got away with this in a street full of real engine drivers?

(oh, 2GGF's name was James Holden...I deliberately didn't put that earlier in the message as I knew you'd all stop reading at that point, lol)


14-02-08, 13:50
You can do an address search for the 1891 on findmypast. If you put in Milton * as the street name and choose Lancashire as the county you can get a list of all the Miltons in Lancashire, and there is no Milton Avenue listed.

Merry Monty Montgomery
14-02-08, 13:59
When did Ellen die? (not that I don't know your bloomin' tree inside out, or anything.....)

Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 14:11
Ellen died in 1888. They were estranged at that point.

The Ellis family were distant relations of Ellen's sister and I am surmising that JH was put out to pasture with them because he was a drunken old nuisance and a big social embarrassment to his three upwardly mobile sons.

Patricroft is a stone's throw from Monton and JH's son worked in Monton (although he lived in Newton Heath). Perhaps the proximity meant son could keep a discreet eye on father.

I don't suppose I will ever solve all this but I am compelled to keep trying every so often!


Merry Monty Montgomery
14-02-08, 14:17
They were estranged at that point.

How do you know?

Olde Crone Holden
14-02-08, 14:29
Ah, how do I know?

Family legend...his sons kicked him out because he hit their mother once too often.

When Ellen died she was living next door to her sister. Informant at her death was her stepson Joseph, present at death. I have an obituary from the local rag and James' name is not mentioned! James is not in that street in 1891 (Percival Street, Miles Platting or Newton Heath...they had been there for nearly 30 years when Ellen died)

But you are right...I don't KNOW for a fact that they were estranged.

I don't even know what finding him in 1891 would tell me, but I know so very little about this man after 35 years research, that finding him in 1891 would seem like a breakthrough!