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13-02-08, 13:43
There was a link on GR to

FamilySearch Record Search (http://search.labs.familysearch.org)

has mostly US records but has some parish record images for Durham/Northumberland and Cheshire plus some Cheshire Register of Electors.

You have to register first - worth taking a look if you as you can actually view the images.

From it I've finally managed to find out why my G GFather wasn't on 1891 census - he must have been at sea :). I found this out from the baptisms of 2 of his sons.

13-02-08, 13:56
Ooh, that sounds good!

What's betting none of my lot are on there though lol

That link doesn't seem to work :confused: Ahh - too many dots! There isn't one in familysearch.

13-02-08, 14:11
Thanks Tracey

I've took the dot out :o

Hope you find something there!

Uncle John
13-02-08, 14:16
Nothing there for my Durham/Northumberland brick wall. Something will turn up one day.

13-02-08, 15:01
Uncle John did you use the 'search facility' option or 'browse the images' option?

I found my South Shields lot by browsing the images in the Vital Records - Bishops Transcripts. They didn't show up by using the search facility.

13-02-08, 15:13
I have found some people!!! :D

Durham Lady
13-02-08, 17:14
Oh gosh, I feel dreadful, thought everyone knew about this. :o I've been using it for a while now. It's also got some Cumberland Parish records too.
If you trawl down the Durham records, use the arrow at the bottom of the page, there's lots of the parishes there, some have more than others but the images are really clear in most cases.

Vicky the Viking
13-02-08, 17:44
I discovered this last week, and I'm busy trawling, as most of these seem to relate to entries that haven't been indexed on the "main" LDS site. Wish I knew which parishes they were in though. Looking for a John Watson, a coal miner, married to a Jane somewhere around North Shields/Newcastle/Tynemouth, or possibly a bit further north, is a bit like looking for a John Smith in a large city :D

A question, if I may - has anyone tried saving an image & if so, what format is it in? (mine just say "all file types" it has no extension, and so far I've not found an application that will allow me to view)

Night Owl
13-02-08, 18:09
They seem to be changing this daily which is understandable because its only a beta version at this stage.

Last week the files were being saved as bitmap (.bmp) files which were quite big. I managed to open it but I can't remember what in and then saved it as a jpeg.

The same day the next time I tried to save a file it was a jpeg and was much smaller.

I've just tried saving another one and I think its a .bmp again. I can open it in Windows picture and fax viewer and in Arcsoft Photostudio. I then saved it as jpeg again because that's easier for me.


13-02-08, 18:38
:( I've just tried to open what I've saved and can't open them either!! I don't get an option of what type of file to save them as. Still really pleased about what I've found though.

Night Owl
13-02-08, 18:42
I had to open the file first and then save as...


13-02-08, 19:06
Thanks Jackie

I've managed to open them in Windows Photo Gallery (and internet explorer).

13-02-08, 19:32
ive just been on the site above, put in a name and can see a image for register of electors, next to the name it say under colomn offences of which reported to have been guilty, BRIBERY. does this mean my ancestor has beening bribing some one every one this list is either bribery or treating.

13-02-08, 20:25
There is a free programme called irfanview that you can download
IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide (http://www.irfanview.com/)
I have not had an image that it has not opened for me yet

Mavis by the Moor
13-02-08, 21:13
It's telling me I've got to load flash player, but when I say OK to load it nothing happens. ?!?!?!

Uncle John
13-02-08, 22:58
Uncle John did you use the 'search facility' option or 'browse the images' option?

I found my South Shields lot by browsing the images in the Vital Records - Bishops Transcripts. They didn't show up by using the search facility.

I searched what I thought were the most likely sources. Browsing the images requires more stamina than I can muster.:D

13-02-08, 23:06
Thanks Elaine. By the way, I just saved some images which said "All Files" but yet on my computer it has saved as a jpeg and opened perfect.:)

Meridian Line
14-02-08, 08:51
is anyone else having trouble accessing this?
I tried last night & this morning, but its either very slow, or my computer doesn't like it.
Can you get to it from the LDS site?

Northern Light
14-02-08, 11:32
Louise I have no trouble getting in but it is a bit slow today..dont know if you can access it from the LDS site I cant get in there lol..but I could earlier?

Vicky the Viking
14-02-08, 12:57
Just to say a big Thank You to tasdev for the Irfanview link.

(I have been missing an all-purpose picture viewer since I got this PC)

Irfanview is telling me the images I'd saved were JPGs but with an incorrect file extension, which is why none of my other graphics applications recognised them.

(They did open with the Windows Picture & Fax viewer as well)

I've been using the link Elaine posted, I've not found a link from the ordinary LDS site, but then I never seem to get further than the "search" page :D

Meridian Line
14-02-08, 13:16

thanks, I've posted new thread with both links....I can't use either of them. I've registered with LDS, re-loaded flash player....can't think of anything else.

14-02-08, 13:33
This is going to be a stupid question, but on the screen that shows all the collections available, the left hand side is headed "Search an Indexed Collection" (the side with Cheshire parish records on it) and the right hand side is headed "Browse Images in a Collection" (the side with Durham on).

Does that mean that the Cheshire records are fully indexed and you can't browse them?

14-02-08, 13:47

I take it to mean the list on the left have all been indexed and that Index is searchable.

The list on the right haven't been indexed, so have to be browsed.

There are only two that are in both columns, so you could do either.

Looks like the Cheshire records have to be searched via the Index and can't be browsed.


Helen K

Meridian Line
14-02-08, 21:05
Joy oh Joy!!
Those lovely Canadians put father & mothers name on a death cert.
Just solved a 2 year old brick wall :D

15-02-08, 09:31
Thanks for the reminder. I've been searching the IGI for cheshire and forgot I could use the new site.