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12-02-08, 10:46
Have received today a marriage cert for my gg grandmother Elizabeth Harper born 1822 Dudley Worcs. It gives her father as Harry Harper. We had ruled him out as according to the igi Elizabeth born to Harry Harper died in 1824. They also have a brother of hers William chr. 1834 and dead in 1837, who we have subsequently found on other censuses and married.

These are extracted records, which obviously are wrong.
Has anyone else had experience of this


Elaine ..Spain
12-02-08, 10:57
Looking at the 1841 census (presuming I have found the right one!) there is a child William Harper aged 9, therefore born in 1831/1832.
Is it possible that they christened a second child William as well?

12-02-08, 11:39
Pam, I haven't come across this kind of entry being wrong before, but your best bet would be to check the actual parish register to see what it says. If the death has actually been added to the baptism entry then it would be unlikely to be wrong, but if it is the transcriber who has decided that the burial entry is for the same person as the baptism then they could be wrong. Hopefully if you check the baptism and burial registers you will be able to find out which it is.

12-02-08, 11:40
Or could there have been two Harry Harpers having children with the same names?

12-02-08, 11:55
Yes you have the right family. Was wondering if the igi is giving a birth date and an christening date, and they have put it in the death by mistake
Shall be checking the baptisms for them all at archives


Marriage cert gives Harry as a greengrocer. There is only one Harry a greengrocer in Dudley on cencuses

12-02-08, 12:00
Hopefully the actual baptism entry will tell you if that Harry was a greengrocer.

12-02-08, 12:07

Also the witnesses were Abiathor Harper (Her brother) and William Whyley (her sisters husband)

Hope to goodness l am not following the wrong family lol


Ann L from Darlo
12-02-08, 16:56
I have known the IGI to be wrong before and the 1881 census off LDS site so I don't trust it fully now I only use it as a tool and double check with Parish Records,it sent me down the worn road once.
How anyone say's you can do your family tree all from the internet----not so---if you want to be accurate!!!

BigShaz McCreadie
12-02-08, 17:27
Hi Pam,

I just took a look at Harry's 11 children and according to IGI :rolleyes: There was also a Harriot who died. Have you found her on census' or marrying etc.

There does appear to be only one Elizabeth Harper born to a Harry Harper.
I also checked out other Harpers in area (there was quite a few) but couldn't see one that could have been mixed up with your Elizabeth.

Looks like they have mixed up birth date and baptism date??

It's annoying when they get it wrong.... The IGI has a marriage for a Benjamin Lewis and Mary Inde.... I have to actual cert for Benjamin Lewis and Mary Jude and Yes I agree that Inde could be mistaken for Jude if there wasn't another single J on the document but with grooms father being Joseph and brides parents being Jeremiah and Jane you'd think they would have spotted something.

Mavis by the Moor
12-02-08, 18:11
One of my ancestors gave 3 consequative (sp) daughters the same name; in the space of 5 years (after 1837 fortunately), the 3rd one survived, but for some reason, spent most of her life giving her age as that of the oldest (maybe she found her oldest namesakes birth cert!?)

12-02-08, 19:40

Thanks for looking at that. Have,nt found Harriot, so she must have died in infancy.
Yes, thought they could have mixed up birth an christening date, and put it as a death instead. There are quite a few Harpers arent there lol.


Thanks for your reply. They do make mistakes then


Little Nell
12-02-08, 19:52
Everyone makes mistakes, recorders, transcribers, compilers, editors, readers, writers.