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11-02-08, 11:12
sorry me again...

looking for Edward J Russell b1880 Howick Northumberland on the 1901 Census.

Have found his father, stepmother and his sister in Craster Northumberland, his sister Katherine M Russell in Aldenham, Hertfordshire and his brother Robert A Russell in East Murton, Durham.

Can't seem to see him... can anyone help please..

Thank you.

vikki brace
11-02-08, 11:17
Do you know that he was alive in 1901?

11-02-08, 11:25

He was a witness at his sister Jane's wedding in 1907 in Embleton, Northumberland.

vikki brace
11-02-08, 11:27
OK, Off to look - Be back soon ;)

vikki brace
11-02-08, 12:00
Sorry Raven I can't see him. Is there any chance he was in either the Army or Navy?

Lyn A
11-02-08, 12:03
Can't see him.....but may have missed something!! Brains a bit dead tonight! LOL!!!He wouldn't have been in the army, would he? 1901...may have been in India?
Found out that's where a cuple of mine had disappeared to.

Lyn A
11-02-08, 12:04
Oh, Vikki...you type faster than me!!! PMSL!!

11-02-08, 12:05
thanks Girls it is a possibility....

Northern Light
11-02-08, 12:05
Still looking..:eek: pass the paracetamol please!

11-02-08, 12:09
I know it makes little difference, but was he anywhere obscure in 1891?

by 1901is he more likely to be lonesome on his own-some , or with a wife & kids?

11-02-08, 12:13

aged 11 he living with his Father, Stepmother, his sister Jane and brother Robert in Howick Village, Howick Northumberland

Uncle John
11-02-08, 22:45
Raven - Howick (nr. Alnwick) isn't a million miles from the Scottish border. Is it possible they strayed north for one census?

12-02-08, 08:42
Uncle John,

Have tried there as well.. Edward's father Robert was born in Peeblesshire. I thought he might have gone to visit family but I can't see him...

Elaine ..Spain
12-02-08, 09:06
There is an Edward Russell listed on Kevin Asplin's Boer War site

Russell, Edward 23738, Private 63rd Coy., 1st Bn. I.Y.

- a possibility I suppose.

12-02-08, 11:38
Yes Elaine it is a possibility