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Sue from Southend
09-02-08, 14:31
I'm planning on going to TNA on Friday with a few friends but I've just been checking the website and they're talking about reduced seating and possible long waits for documents. Is it that bad does anyone know or are they just covering their backs during the refurb? We probably won't get there much before 11am and now I'm wondering now if its not worth going until after the alterations are finished. Any advice please:confused:

Little Nell
09-02-08, 14:52
If you register online, you will reduce waiting time at the reception desk (though they will make out a card when you arrive and take your photo, so there will be a delay depending on how many folk are in front of you. You can order your first 3 documents in advance, they should be ready when you get there, with an allocated seat, so you won't have to queue once you get past reception.

Little Nell
09-02-08, 15:06
Their website says you can't order in advance, that you may not be able to see original documents, so I think it might be worth postponing your visit until the dust has - literally - settled!

Sue from Southend
09-02-08, 15:47
Nell, thats what I read and made me post this thread!! I think it says that the demand for documents is on a strictly first come first serve basis and as we won't be there first thing we could be hangng about for ages. But then I expect there are worse places to hang about in lol.

I was wondering if anyone had been recently and could tell me how bad (or otherwise) it is!

09-02-08, 17:13

I go there at least twice a week, and usually arrive around 10. I've had no problem getting a seat to look at original documents, but I know people arriving later have. Some have had to wait for a couple of hours for a seat. If you're travelling quite a long way, I'd leave it until it's back to normal! If you don't want to look at original documents, but at films, for example WW1 records,then it's fine. The library though, will be closed from Monday.

Sue from Southend
09-02-08, 19:40
Thanks for that Ann, I need to look at some original documents, not sure about my friends...

I think you're right - I'll wait a few weeks - James Dawes naval records have been hidden this long a couple of extra weeks/months:eek: won't hurt!!