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Moulting Owl
09-02-08, 14:27
I can't get on GR today. Have I been banned, do you think, or is it some general problem?

09-02-08, 14:32
I just went on there without any problem.

Moulting Owl
09-02-08, 14:34
Thanks, Dee, I'll look deeper into it -currently I've no probs with any site other than GR, FR and 1901 census....

cuddly nana
09-02-08, 15:32
You are not alone. I've been having problems getting GR too and, when I do get on, have problems viewing full page!!!

09-02-08, 15:38
Moulting owl -
i dont recall a 'moulting owl' on GR, so do you have a reputation there that might have caused you to be banned?

Banned or not - i know i have the cap and the Tshirt- you can still see what is going on. They ban you,but dont actually stop you viewing - you just cant contribute.

well, not until they decide they were wrong, and
yes they were set up,
and no they didn't see it, and
yes,you are very welcome
and yes,
here is a free years membership.

Olde Crone Holden
09-02-08, 15:50
Moulting Owl

It might be more mundane than that - the virus is back on GR and maybe your virus protection won't let you get on the site, all three sites you mention being owned by GR.


Moulting Owl
10-02-08, 10:01
Hi All,

Thanks for all the friendly messages. Hi Jess, you're right, it wouldn't have been a ban from GR, since I couldn't even get onto the site - I remember the idiocy by the GR site when you got your T-shirt - I hope they have let you back in again. Never sure about reputations - Ivy over there, but they do reach for ban button fairly often! Hi Nana, I 'd seen a message from Sylvia in Canada saying that she had had problems in getting onto the site early mornings this week, and until midday yesterday, I simply assumed they had omitted to put up a "men at work" notice on the website. After Dee's message, I gave up for a while. Further checking this morning suggests it may be a kind of internal ban - OH wanted "his" computer back...oops! Hi OC, I wasn't sure whether it was the virus problem or not (we did have problems with that, and swapped over to Firefox, the Firefox info just suggested yesterday that either the website was down, or that it might be a general internet access problem) but having swapped to the broom cupboard, all is fine again. I should imagine its on the list of banned sites on the firewall on OH's computer - will ask when he gets back this evening....