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09-02-08, 13:08
Blacksmiths, other Trades and information which may be of interest to some of you ....

Blacksmiths Index (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~blacksmiths/index.htm)

BigShaz McCreadie
09-02-08, 16:25
Thanks for the link :)

I wanted to acknowledge this thread even though I don't have any need for this info there may be others who do.
Thats what helps to make this site so lovely, thoughtful people like you :)

09-02-08, 16:31
can I put it in the wiki please ?

saved there for all eternity for anyone that wants it

Vicky the Viking
09-02-08, 17:29
thanks for the link :)

none of "mine" (the ones I know about) are there, but one of OH's is, plus some added info about one of the sibs we haven't looked at (because he disappeared from home by the time he was 12 we had assumed he'd died young, and I hadn't followed it up). But what IS useful, there is a link to the email addy of the person who submitted the info, so I am hoping it might be one of OH's (very) distant rellies.

09-02-08, 17:30
Thanks Shaz. I don't actually have any Blacksmiths myself but there are other occupations and various locations mentioned so I'm keeping a note of it as it could be useful at some point.

Jess, putting it in the Wiki sounds a good idea to me.

Vicky, glad it has some use for you.


09-02-08, 17:37
I cannot get onto the page l want.
Could someone try Blacksmiths of Worcestershire please and see if there are any Parkers


BigShaz McCreadie
09-02-08, 17:49
Hi Pam :)

I took a look but there only seems to be a few Worcester Blacksmiths listed so far and all have surnames starting with S.....

Went off on a tangent (as I do :D) looking for Parker Blacksmiths in Worcester.

No luck so far.... only a Joseph Wilkes in Birmingham (1881 census) who was the stepson of a James Parker born in Worcester :D

Told you I'm terrible for going round the houses!!

09-02-08, 17:52
Thanks very much for looking Shaz. Have got a blacksmith in tree, Edwin Parker, thought he may have been on it.


BigShaz McCreadie
09-02-08, 18:04
Ooooh I seen 2 Edwin's on 1881 census in Worcester :)

You have probably already seen them yourself though :D

Uncle John
09-02-08, 19:03
Very interesting, though none of my possibles is listed.

09-02-08, 20:09
Thank you so much for this information - I have a few blacksmiths on both sides of the family tree.