View Full Version : Another CD going spare.....

jemima puddleduck
09-02-08, 08:20
....Leicestershire, this time!

60,000 records including 1791 Universal Trade Directory, 1851 Leicester census, Prison Records and photos of old Leicestershire.

I wont be around much today so I'll check back tomorrow to see whether its of any use to anyone

09-02-08, 09:11
Would love the Leics cd. How much do you want for it?

Best Wishes

09-02-08, 13:13
Jewels, if Jemima is offering it on here then presumably she is offering it for free as it is not on the Advertising Board. Although she would be allowed to ask you to pay for postage and packing, of course.

09-02-08, 13:43
Hi KiteRunner,
I didnt want to assume that it was free, lol.
I would of course offer look ups from it, for Family Tree Forum members, if I did get it.


09-02-08, 17:36
Sorry Jewels but that probably wouldn't be allowed - because of copyright restrictions we don't allow lookup-type threads.

jemima puddleduck
12-02-08, 07:16
Hi Jewels

Sorry for the delay, with it being half term I just haven't had chance to get back on the pc for 2 days!

As KiteRunner said, the disc is going free, its spare and seems a shame to just dispose of it when someone may have ancestors in the area. Let me know where to send it

12-02-08, 20:05
Hi Jemima,
Thankyou, I have Pm'd you.