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Carol Bird
07-02-08, 18:41
Sorry if this has already been reported.

Seeing Debs' thread about the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, I was going to reply that it is available through the Beds Virtual Library. However, I checked first, and found the following message.

"Changed access! Unfortunately access to the Times Digital Archive, InfoTrac Newspapers, Magazines and Journals and the Gale Virtual Reference Library has been restricted - this is because it has been brought to our attention that we were in breach of our licensing agreement with Cengage, the supplier of these resources." :(

It goes on to say if you are a Virtual member living outside Bedfordshire, you can upgrade your membership and continue using the online facility, but you must present yourself at one of the Bedfordshire Libraries to be issued with a Library Card (see site for details).


Mary from Italy
07-02-08, 19:06
There has already been a thread about this, but it doesn't apply to all the resources on Beds Library site. It does apply to the Times Digital Archive, unfortunately, but the reference books are still available - I've just accessed the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography through that site.

Carol Bird
07-02-08, 22:06
Mary, thank you for that prompt.

Have gone back and had another try. It wouldn't let me in with the info I used previously, but have succeeded now.

Sorry to mislead anyone.:o

From the list there, it seems that most people in the UK who belong to their local library would be able to access the Oxford DNB that way, as well or instead.


Little Nell
07-02-08, 22:12
I guess I'll be off to cross the border and join Beds libraries as a full member this half-term then!

Harrys mum
07-02-08, 22:19
It might be worth checking to see if your local library has access. In Australia my local council library has access to The Times Digital Archive online. So I just log on to my council library and use my library password to access the Archive, as well as Infortrac and other references. All the council areas I've lived in here have had it.

Christine in Herts
07-02-08, 23:11
Nell, I thought you were in Herts? If you have a Herts Library ticket, your number will be your password for the online site.

hertsdirect.org Newspapers and Magazines (http://www.hertsdirect.org/libsleisure/libraries/online/onlinereflib/newsandmag/)

The Newspapers link leads to: Thomson Gale Product log-in (http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/herlib?db=SP00)


07-02-08, 23:39
darn it. i knew there was something I had to do on my day off..... wander down to the library and join up