View Full Version : National Archives - Women's Royal Air Force records

Elizabeth Herts
07-02-08, 17:07
I've just had an e-mail from NA and the above records are on-line. I've just found my grandmother's service records in WWI in the Women's Royal Air Force! 1917!

Elizabeth Herts
07-02-08, 17:34
I've just downloaded the record - five pages in all, which includes the cover sheet. Gives where she was posted/trained, and her home address in Glasgow and next of kin (father) and family address. And her signature etc.

Christine in Herts
07-02-08, 23:05
Incidentally - I notice that there's another ordinary Will plus an extra 280 Seamen's Wills there, as well!


Muggins in Sussex
08-02-08, 06:19
Thanks, Elizabeth -

BTW the link is here The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | WW1 Airwomen's Records (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/ww1airwomen.asp)