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07-02-08, 13:28
Have had contact this week via Ancestry from a distant rellie who had a Grandfather 'adopted' by a Gt.Gt. Uncle of mine - We have cencus info. for him in 1891 name of Robert Cayzer Cloak (Cayzer spelt Cayyer on Ancestry) , aged 4 visitor to William and Agnes Cayzer in St. Neots - so this rather proves that they didn't have a child very late in life as they would have put son rather than visitor - then on the 1901 cencus he is down as just Robert Cayzer (Cayler this time!) still living with Agnes (widow now) and listed as son, but in St Clere, cornwall still - we know he continued to just use Robert Cayzer as have marriage info in 1906 and also some war records plus my contact actually knew his Grandfather - who apparently had no knowledge of possible birth parents.

Have tried searching birth records, in both Stepney and Cornwall (as the 2 different cencus say either), using both Cayzer and Cloak, the Cayzer family had members in Stepney at this time and I think the earlier cencus would be correct, I've learnt that often people put wrong place of birth down or perhaps Agnes said that so as to 'confirm' hers - OR indeed could have been family friends or ther relative in Cornwall as by that time William and Agnes had been in Cornwall for around 10 years -

Can anyone see something we're missing....??

07-02-08, 18:05
Gill, just so you know that we aren't all ignoring you, I spent a while searching through the BMD indexes earlier but couldn't see anything like. I wonder if they either changed his name completely or didn't register him?

08-02-08, 08:51
Morning - sorry not always able to get on in evening -

have to say I am of the opinion that family didn't register him - I think that Cloak must be father's name as why would they bother using it - and as I said earlier I think that as they put Cayzer in as a sort of middle name possible a son of a (presumed) unmarried Cayzer lady - I have found a birth record for a William Henry R Cayzer in the correct area and correct year - now William and Henry are def. favourite names of this the line of the family I'm looking at (mind you weren't they in everyones!) and am wondering if the R might be for Robert, but doesn't make sense with the Cloak - I've also found a Robert Cloak marrying in 1892 again in correct area, just wondered if he had fathered this poor lad and not married as betrothed to someone else - there are so many options, I just think we may have to accept that Robert was lucky to have been taken in by William and Agnes -

08-02-08, 09:29
Gill, it might be another one of those mysteries that has to wait until the new GRO index comes out - if it ever does! - with mother's maiden name included on births all the way through. Then we will be able to see if there are any with MMN Cayzer.