View Full Version : Is anyone going to the Cheshire Record Office soon?

Elizabeth Herts
06-02-08, 08:04
If anyone is going to the Cheshire Record Office, I would be very grateful for a look-up.

Probably Macclesfield/Prestbury

I would like to find the Marriage of
Benjamin Tuffnell (spelling varies) and Ann (possibly also Tuffnell/Tuffnall)

c. 1835, but could be a year or so earlier

Their first child was born c. 1836.

If we find this, it will make 4 contacts around the world very happy!

We are jointly researching the Tuffnells from Hertfordshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire, and it looks as though they had common ancestors.

06-02-08, 09:25
Elizabeth, I'm not going, but I would have thought you would be best to get the birth certificate of one of their children to find out Ann's maiden name first - if the first one was born in 1836 then presumably some were born after 1837? Or were none of them registered?

Elizabeth Herts
06-02-08, 09:33
KiteRunner - thanks! Yes, that is an option, and probably quicker too!

Perhaps that's what I shall do as I can't see me getting up to Cheshire very quickly.

There is a child born in 1838 so I shall order his bc.

Trouble is, it would be helpful to have parents/fathers from the marriage entry. I'm probably hoping for too much!

06-02-08, 09:52
Elizabeth, if they got married before the start of civil registration, which seems very likely, then the marriage entry will not tell you their fathers' names anyway.

But, I see from the censuses that Ann was born in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, so couldn't it be that they got married down there? I can't see their marriage on the online Cheshire parish register search, but I can't see a Benjamin Tuffnell one on the Joiner Marriage Index which has extensive coverage of Hertfordshire either. Not much help really!

Elizabeth Herts
06-02-08, 12:09
KiteRunner - many thanks for your help - I'm impressed you looked up the censuses.

OH's 3xgt grandfather was Benjamin Tuffnall, christened in Hatfield in 1783. I found him and all his siblings on the parish registers when I visited the Record Office at Hertford last Friday. (He wasn't on the IGI, although some of his siblings were.)

I found ANNE christened in Hatfield 24 March 1799, same parents - his youngest sibling.

The theory is that ANNE TUFFNALL married a cousin of sorts, also Benjamin Tuffnell (spelling varies). He was younger than her. Probably in Macclesfield, because we believe she was already up there.

OH's Benjamin (1783 Hatfield) married in St Albans in 1808 (have photocopy of parish entry). 1st child 1808 Hatfield, then he and wife Sarah moved up to Congleton Cheshire, where two further children were born. In the 1820s he moved again to Tean, Checley Staffs.

On his death cert. in 1857 the informant was ANN TUFFNELL of Macclesfield - we believe this was his sister!

There are quite a few Tuffnell families in Macclesfield. A descendant in the USA was told that 3 brothers (one a Thomas) made their way to Cheshire (from Herts).

There is Thomas Tuffnell, born c. 1770 Tring according to census (although not found in Tring parish registers). In the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses there is a Thomas Tuffnill/Tuffnell still in Tring - In SILK WORKS.

Some of the Tuffnells in Macclesfield were silk workers. The theory is that they moved up there because of the silk industry. I also found a Tuffnell relation in London in the mid 1800s - also a silk worker.

We are trying to find the common Hertfordshire roots of the various branches!

I tried to post this over an hour ago but my Internet connection was lost! GRR:(

06-02-08, 13:16
hi elizabeth...i`ve just checked the csc/cprdb site for pre 1837 parish registers and there are NO marriages under Tuffnell,so i tend to think that kiterunner is correct in her assumption they were married outside cheshire...probably hatfield?..they would have been 52 and 36 when they married....had benjamin or ann been married before?.regards...allan:confused:

Elizabeth Herts
06-02-08, 13:28
Thanks, Allan, for your efforts on my behalf.

We really don't know anything about them before they married.

I think it is back to Hertford for me and trawling through more registers.

I'm so impressed by how helpful everyone is - a big thank you for trying to help.