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Joan of Archives
03-02-08, 12:52
Can anyone tell me how I go about finding out if true to family rumour, one of my rellies was a Mayor ?

Do I just contact the Town Council?


vikki brace
03-02-08, 12:58
They might be a good start, you could also try the local FHS,

03-02-08, 13:01
Sometimes can find out by googling Joan as well , know Lems had good luck that way but I idnt with my g Unc ;;;

Lynn The Forest Fan
03-02-08, 13:15
I would think that the town council would be your best bet, although it depends on how long ago it was. I have 2 mayors in my family, but they were both mayor in my lifetime, so there is no problem in confirming that story.

Joan of Archives
03-02-08, 14:13
Thanks everyone. It would have been between 1890-1905 I guess.

I will compile a letter to send to the relevant councils!



03-02-08, 14:20

My great Nans brother was a Town Mayor after 1901. I contacted the local Town Hall to where he lived and they gave me a print out from 1875 until the late 1980's listing each and everyone of them j- at no cost to me.

So try the Town Hall of the town before the actual council.

If no luck then try the council.

Dead Rellies
03-02-08, 15:15
You could try times online.

Roger in Sussex
03-02-08, 15:29
You could also try Historical Directories