View Full Version : It pay's to read the local Obituaries!!!!

31-01-08, 21:47
just reading through today's local paper and saw a local resident mentioned, so I read it through wondering if it was someone I knew no it wasn't... but!!!!

Great excitement the maiden name was one of my larger branches of the family and filled in her parents siblings and the fact that she was born elsewhere. Another piece of the puzzle filled in.

Been a bit vague as there were lots of living rellies mentioned so do not want to put up details but it just goes to show that the most innocent looking entries can shed light on our research.

Christine in Herts
31-01-08, 22:03
Well done, Linda!

and well worth the mention, too.


Little Nell
31-01-08, 22:04
Well done!

My grandmother kept several obituaries for members of her family. Useful for biographical information except that she didn't put the dates on any of them and they often say useless things like listing a mourner as "Mrs H Pledge". Mrs H is probably not H at all, H is probably her husband and no clue to whether she was older or younger than dead person.

01-02-08, 03:52
Well done Linda. My grandmother kept several in the family bible, including one of her mother which details the places she lived after leaving home, something I'd never have been able to find myself.