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Pat Hope
31-01-08, 15:57
I have come to a halt with my research and I was wondering if British Origins would give any different info than Ancestry. It is £10 for a month would it be worth it?

Elaine ..Spain
31-01-08, 16:13
Depends where you have come to a halt!

British Origins some census information (no different to Ancestry although the transcription is often better), City of London burials, Boyds Marriage Index, some Wills indices, Biritish & Irish passenger lists, Apprenticeship Records, plus other odds and ends.

Pat Hope
31-01-08, 16:19
I am trying to find any info on my gggg grandfather all I can find is his death and him on the 1841 census

Elaine ..Spain
31-01-08, 16:27
If it's pre 1837 then presumably you will need some parish register information.

Anything in the IGI or BIVRI?
Have you looked at the relevant local Family History Society to see if any parish registers have been transcribed?
Are there any OPC's for the county you are interested in?
Are the parish registers available from your local LDS?
Is there anything applicable in the wiki?

Pat Hope
31-01-08, 16:37
Some of the children were baptised in Bonsall Derbyshire Elaine Tatty bear kindly looked up the records for me and also looked for a marriage. I have been trawling through the marriage records of the churches in Ancoats that are not on the LDS site but had no luck

Elaine ..Spain
31-01-08, 16:58
Are there any relevant transcriptions on FamilyHistoryonline

Derbyshire Registrar's Birth Index 18 places (1837-1911)*
Derbyshire Registrar's Marriage Index about 1062 places (1837-1949)
Elmton Baptism, Marriage and Burial Details 1 place (1598-1868)
Derby Workhouse Reports 1 place (1842)
Derbyshire Registrar's Death Index 23 places (1837-1949)
NBI - Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group 36 places (1559-1997)*

If you go to their website and click on available databases, and then click on the individual databases listed above, you will see parishes covered.

Pat Hope
31-01-08, 17:10
Thanks I will have a look although I may have looked before.

31-01-08, 18:12
Pat, not sure if British Origins will have anything to help you or not, but you can take out a 72-hour sub to try it out for only a few pounds and then it is not automatically renewed. To be honest, there isn't that much on there, so you should be able to look up everything you want within 72 hours.