View Full Version : Help dating photo please, hoping around 1950

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 15:12

I know this is'nt as old as photo's usually posted, but would anyone have any idea what years could be a possibility, i am hoping it is around 1950ish.

I also have the cover it was in, which i will also post, fingers crossed.


Maureen M.
31-01-08, 15:15
This is the cover from the photo above

Photographers name bottom right hand corner



Margaret in Burton
31-01-08, 15:39
I wore a similar dress at school about 1959, but they didn't change much in those days.

Margaret in Burton
31-01-08, 15:41
Dresses have the obligitory pocket for your hankie

Rachel Scand
31-01-08, 15:42
Hi Mo
Maybe the nat health specs will help date it
If it's Ireland, then might the fashion be slightly different ?

Looks like the Duffner Bros are still there ! I just googled them :)

Duffner Bros Ltd
40, Clanbrassil Street
Dundalk, Louth (phone 042 9334105)

If all else fails maybe you could ask them ?

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 16:00
Thanks Margaret,

Rachel, i googled for hours and could'nt get anything, how did you get that?

It was taken in Ireland, and going by my brothers memory.

He was in Ireland with my gran (her father was born there) he remembers three children, 2 girls and 1 boy.
he was there in 1948 aged 10, he said the older girl was about 3 years younger than him.

We found this photo with grans stuff only last year, she died in 1974, so i'm hoping its the 3 children he remembers,
he also remembers other little snippets that might help.

Do you also think that this could be the same children. Thanks

Rachel Scand
31-01-08, 16:09
I'm useless with ages

I googled :-

Duffner + photographer + Dundalk, Ireland

I can't see an email address for them ... :confused:

this is confusing .... it looks as if they are jewellers

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 16:23
Never mind Rachel, i tried in vain all day yesterday to find something, no luck i'm afraid,
but will keep at it, something might just pop up.


Margaret in Burton
31-01-08, 16:29
I would say the older girl is about 10. The other girl and the boy are similar height so either twins or only a year between them. The boy being slightly younger.

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 16:54
Thanks Margaret thats what i was hoping, my brother said he remembers the boy was the youngest.

I am hoping through this photo to try and find the area where my G-Grandfather came from, my brother referred to the childrens father as uncle James, they lived on a farm.

We have other little memories from a couple of relatives, but one has now sadly died, but we still may be able to narrow the district down a bit.


Margaret in Burton
31-01-08, 17:09

Check out this site. It's a street directory and the photographer is named. A little earlier than you need but it proves it was there

Drogheda town, County Louth, Ireland - Trades Directory, 1931, http://www.from-ireland.net, ©Jane Lyons (http://www.from-ireland.net/lou/direct/drogheda31.htm)

Margaret in Burton
31-01-08, 17:11

They seem to be a wedding shop now.

Simply Weddings - Duffner Bros Ltd Dundalk Louth (http://www.simplyweddings.com/directory.asp?action=search&DirectoryId=2059)

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 17:21
Ahh thanks a lot Margaret, i'll look into that after my tea.

Thankyou for taking the time to look

Rachel Scand
31-01-08, 17:49
That's the one I looked at before .... it's also listed as a Jewellers
All very confusing .... typical of the Irish ! ! ! :D

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 18:32
Rachel as the link Margaret found Duffner Bros had a photography business and a watch and clock one, both same street, maybe the second one went on to become a jewellers.

I wonder if i wrote to the Jewellers maybe, would they know when it opened and closed as a photographers, i know they are not in the same location, but could be a family thing passed down.

Do you think it is worth a try.

Margaret in Burton
31-01-08, 18:35

Anything's worth trying Maureen. What have to to lose? Nothing!

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 18:40
Thankyou Margaret

Thankyou Rachel

Rachel Scand
31-01-08, 19:45
Can't remember if you've looked on the 1911 Dublin census in case any of your people came from there ?

Louth is quite a long way down on the list of censuses waiting to be done ...

National Archives: Census of Ireland 1911 (http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/)

I found my lot in Dublin quite easily, but there are some nephews with them whose surname I've never heard of .. so I'm stuck again

Maureen M.
31-01-08, 20:35
Hi Rachel,

Going by older relatives memories, everything points to between Drogheda area to Camlough in the Newry area, the family name is Bennett but that can be found in lots of places in Ireland, my gran who was a Bennett by birth visited Ireland so many times, i thought she was born there, but she was'nt.

My brother has a good memory of the time he went, he remembers getting on a train in Dublin,( sorry he's just said it was a shunt or shunter, not a proper train) and said the journey took about two hours with stops, but how fast did the trains go in 1948.
At the end of that part of the journey they were picked up at the train station by this uncle James in something pulled by a horse, there was a small chapel just past the station called St Patricks he thinks, it then took about ten minutes or so to reach the farm which was surrounded by mountains (most places are in Ireland) in that week they apparently visited other relatives by train having to cross the border at Newry.

Sorry if that was long winded.

01-02-08, 08:28
yes 1945/50 my sisters were in dr bernados and wore dresses like that will look to see i think i have picture on photo bucket im the baby 1946 brenda xxx http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n17/bren_015/picture005-1.jpg

Maureen M.
01-02-08, 23:47
Hiya Bren,

The dresses are alike, but the one's on the children in my photo were probably some sort of school uniform, because they did live at home on the farm with their parents, my brother has now seen the photo and confirmed its the same children he'd spent his holiday with, another small step forward.

Cute baby Bren :)))

02-02-08, 13:04
i was a morgyy baby always crying no change 62 years on lol brenda xxx

Rachel Scand
02-02-08, 21:44
The dresses are alike, but the one's on the children in my photo were probably some sort of school uniform, because they did live at home on the farm with their parents, my brother has now seen the photo and confirmed its the same children he'd spent his holiday with, another small step forward.

I've only just caught up with this Mo .... so pleased you've managed to get further with it

It goes to prove that putting a query or a pic on this website can work wonders :)

Maureen M.
02-02-08, 21:49
Thats what i love about this site Rachel, there is always someone to help you along.

Rachel Scand
02-02-08, 22:00
Hi Mo ...
and quite often something will 'twig' in the brain cell a bit later (possibly months !) and start things off again :)

Maureen M.
02-02-08, 22:29
I know Rachel, i'd forgotten i had that photograph until my brother mentioned the three children he'd spent time with in Ireland all those years ago, thats why i put the thread up to see if the years matched before i let him see it, he saw it for the first time friday morning.