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Chrissie Smiff
31-01-08, 13:24
I have the right birth certs for all the Wright children except the Albert ???? one. All born in West Ham district. He has been transcribed as Albert T but there isn't one in the BMD. I think it looks like a J or a T but Albert John seemed a bit late in April-June 1901 and it isn't the right one anyway. The only other choices are Albert Stanley or Albert Edward in Jan-March 1901. It certainly doesn't look like an E but it doesn't really look like an S either does it? I would be very grateful for your opinions please.


31-01-08, 13:27
It doesn't look like any of the J's shown in that image, which don't all match each other(!). I would say it is a T, but I think I'll have to go off and look at the whole page to see if there is a definite T somewhere else to compare it with...

Don't forget that the name could be wrong on the census though!

Chrissie Smiff
31-01-08, 13:37
Thanks Kate. What do you think about the possibility of an S ?

31-01-08, 13:48
It doesn't look like an S, Chrissie, now I've looked at the rest of the page, but it is possible that it said S on the original form and the enumerator copied it out wrong. After all, it looks as if one of the girls' names is spelt wrong.

Chrissie Smiff
31-01-08, 13:50
Yes Kate - she was actually Mildred Emma J Wright. Maldred to Mildred didn't take a great leap of faith though:) Not like a T to S lol

31-01-08, 15:51
I suppose Albert Edward could have been known as Albert Ted or Teddie?

Chrissie Smiff
31-01-08, 20:18
Thanks Judith - it's a possibility.

Little Nell
31-01-08, 21:29
Perhaps he was just registered as "male" Wright, or misindexed as Right?

Little Nell
31-01-08, 21:32
There's an Albert Thomas Wright registered Shoreditch in Mar 1901 - maybe he was born somewhere other than the family home?

Or perhaps the enumerator was deaf and heard "Albert Tanley" and missed the Stanley bit? Or he may have heard Alberttttt and interpreted it as Albert T.

Little Nell
31-01-08, 21:33
that it would be a doddle to find his birth registration!