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30-01-08, 16:09
My great grandmother x2 one Frances Hares (Spelt Haers on marriage cert), from Shipham in Somerset is a true mystery and one which I am unable to fathom.

Her fathers given name on marriage cert is Thomas (from Shipham).

I now have a contact, who appears to have done some considerable research on the Hares of Shipham, of which there are an abundant number.

Many according to my contact, who are called Thomas and all appear to be cousins!!!! Yet none of same, having had a daughter named Frances!!!

The contact has now put forward the theory that my Frances is in fact the daughter of one Robert Hares of Shipham, who died when Frances was very young.

My question is, is it likely that in 1849 when Frances married, she would have given her father's name as Thomas........due to the fact that this may have been the person who raised her........OR, regardless of the fact that her real father may have died, she should/could have put her true fathers name down???

I don't know if you will get this gist of this.......but it is confusing the heck out of me lol!??:confused:

Olde Crone Holden
30-01-08, 16:25
Yes, I understand perfectly what you are asking - is the man named as her father on her marriage cert her REAL father or not.

Answer is, I am sorry to say - who knows! You just cannot guess. My 2 x GGF put for his father's name a combination of his grandfather's name (he brought him up) and the occupation of his natural father.


Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 16:37
Can you remember what I came up with on this when we looked at it before? I don't want to go down the same path again!! lol

Off out now, so I'm not ignoring you........

30-01-08, 16:48
Sorry Merry must have missed it first time around.
Seems like I'm stumped then OC.........unless further info comes to light in time.

One thing I know for sure, I won't be taking anything for granted, nor swapping anything around.

I shall let sleepings dogs lie for the time being.

Christine in Herts
30-01-08, 18:04
Any chance of finding a baptism of a Frances at the right time? - or even collecting any and all of them up, and seeing which best fits the facts? - You'd want copies of the register pages, I should think.

Was Shipham small enough at the time to make that feasible?


Little Nell
30-01-08, 18:41
She may have made a mistake in giving the wrong name or it may have been recorded in error. Or he may have had another name as well as Thomas. Hsbands gtgt grandfather Zsman has father as Solomon on birth cert and Zalig on marriage cert, before appearing one last time as Solomon Zalig Hart on his death cert.

30-01-08, 20:25
its odd- looking at the IGI there appear to be two -
one to a Samuel & Susannah( or Susan)

one to a Robert & Rebecca

Different dates mind you BUTboth submitted anyway!

30-01-08, 20:32
My 3g-grandmother's marriage cert gives her stepfather's name rather than her father's - although it does state that, so there's no way anyone reading the certificate could think it was her father (she was illegitimate, and I still haven't identified her father, but that's another story...)

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 21:29
I remember this now!

I think all we came up with was the Frances Hares in 1841 who might have been the illegitimate chiild of Elizabeth Hares and the grandchild of Susanna Hares. Maybe Susanna's husband had been Thomas? (ie Frances' grandfather?)

But all the above was supposition!

30-01-08, 22:36
Yes, remember that Merry, but my Frances was born in 1829 and married in 1849.....so obviously not her.
I guess the best thing to do is chase up after the baptism.......if possible, as Christine suggests.
Think this is one for the back burner though, as I'm mainly concentrating on paternal line at present.

Thanks a bundle for all your responses.