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29-01-08, 20:38
Hi - I'm looking for a family in 1841 and 1851 but don't have an Ancestry sub at present. If anyone is able then I'd be glad of a lookup for:

Birmingham, Warwickshire - probably the parish of Aston or St. Martin.

John & Ann Hawkins (ages unknown) with children:
Mary Ann born 1803
Jane born 1809
Samuel David
Ann born 1815
Edward James
Eliza born 1819
George born 1821

Judging by the names some of them died young - judging by the dob's many (all?) won't be at home with their parents by 1841.

The wife wants the computer so I'll be offline for a while - will respond to any responses asap!

Thanks for looking!

Merry Monty Montgomery
29-01-08, 21:09
There's just too many to choose from Wulliam........

Do you know any of their occupations or where they were born? (presumably in Warwickshire?)

The only thing I tried harder for was the deaths of Samuel David (none) or Edward James (a few, but none in Warwickshire) as I thought if they had died after some of the censuses, I might be able to go back from their deaths (it was rarer to have two fornames in that time frame)......but no joy :(

Christine in Herts
29-01-08, 21:32
Try this couple in 1861, with MiL, Ann HAWKINS there to stay:

RG9; Piece: 2034; Folio: 11; Page: 16

I found it on the back of a marriage of Phoebe HAWKINS and Joseph BRADLEY in Smethwick (Holy Trinity) in 1854 - using UKBMD - Births, Marriages, Deaths Indexes & Census transcriptions for the UK, On-Line (http://www.ukbmd.org.uk)


Christine in Herts
29-01-08, 21:39
Just done the arithmetic. MiL is too young at only 58!


Christine in Herts
29-01-08, 21:43
And found them in 1851 - the husband is Thomas.

Indeed, I think this is the Thomas and Ann (Sutton) marriage on the IGI:
12 DEC 1825 Pentrich, Derby M058921

I'm disappointed :( - Phoebe even has a (slightly) older brother, William.


30-01-08, 09:17
Thankyou for your efforts - I know that I haven't been able to give much concrete information. Christine - a particular thankyou! I'm at work so can't stop long here - will have a proper look at what you say later on. Thanks for looking though!

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 09:44
I'm not sure how it is that you have some dates and not others, so am adding birth/baptism dates from the IGI in case that helps

Mary Ann baptised 30th Sept 1803
Thomas baptised 30th Dec 1805
William born 30th Mar 1807 and baptised 18th April 1808
Jane born 1st Sept 1809 and baptised 27th Dec 1810
John born 1st Dec 1811 and baptised 30th Dec 1811
Samuel David baptised 4th March 1814
William baptised 27th Feb 1815
Ann born 29th Sept 1815 and baptised 29th Dec 1815
John baptised 27th Sep 1816
Edward James born 28th Aug 1817 and baptised 1st Sept 1818
Eliza born 24th March 1819 and baptised 15th Feb 1820 (twin!!)
Richard born 24th March 1819 and baptised 15th Feb 1820 (twin!!)
Phebe 26th Jun 1819 and baptised 29th Dec 1819
George born 19th July 1821 and baptised 30th Sept 1824

All these baptisms are recorded for the parish of St Martin, Birmingham.

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 10:02
I got hopeful about this family for a short while, but who is James??

1851: HO107; Piece: 2054; Folio: 421; Page: 16 address 55 Duddeston Row

All born Birmingham

David 37 brass caster emp 2 men
James 32 brass dresser
George Hawkins 29 umbrella dresser
Ann Hawkins 34 housekeeper
Elizabeth Hawkins 37 cousin steel pen worker

The first four are all unmarried brothers and their sister.

The the same people appear in the same census again.......but slightly differently!

1851: HO107; Piece: 2054; Folio: 417; Page: 8 address 23 Duddeston Row

David 40 caster
James 32 caster
George 28 caster
Ann 26 housekeeper
Elizabeth 16 cousin

Nextdoor are

John Hawkins widower 39 caster emp 2 men
dau Ann 15 and two servants

Goodness knows if this is your family! lol I am going to try and find them in 1841 .......wish me luck! lol

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 10:17
Gosh that was hard work......by combining searching on Find My Past and Ancestry together, I've found (listed as Hankins on Ancestry)

Duddeston Row, Birmingham (so presumably the same family as 1851!)

John Hawkins 60 caster
Ann 55 lacquerer
Ann 23
David 25
James 22 caster
George 15 umbrella (something) draper

All yes for born in county.

*goes for a lie down*

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 10:28
I wonder if John bap 1816 should read James and therefore John baptised 1811 was actually not dec'd and is the neighbour in 1851?

*straw clutching!*

At least the happen to have correctly named parents.......erm......presuming John and Ann senr are their parents in 1841!!

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 11:43
1861: Cato St Birmingham RG9; Piece: 2180; Folio: 50; Page: 36

John Hawkins widower 51 brass caster
Walter J H Hawkins grandson 2
Harriet Coson (Coton?) servant 16


James Hawkins head unm 37 brass founder
Ann sister unm 39
David brother unm 41 brass caster
Emma Greenall servant 10
George brother aged 8

Not sure why George is 8 and no occ??!

All of them are born in Birmingham.

Merry Monty Montgomery
30-01-08, 11:55
1871: 120 Cato St Birmingham RG10; Piece: 3151; Folio: 8; Page: 10

Ann Hawkins unm 54 housekeeper
George Hawkins brother 49 (marrital status isn't clear, could be Wid) unemployed umbrella maker
Samuel G H Turner great-nephew 13 b Small Heath Warks

(is that Walter J H Hawkins from 1861??!)

nextdoor (119):

John Hawkins wid 59 brass caster
Henry J Farmer (?) grandson 9
Two female servants....

Unless otherwise mentioned, all born Birmingham

30-01-08, 17:51
Merry, that is a huge amount of work you've done for me:). I've pasted it all into Word so that I can think about it whilst my 4yr old is dancing on my knee.

But whether it's them or not (and it looks very likely at first reading), thankyou :) :) for putting in such efforts for me. I'll post again later (or maybe tomorrow) when I've had a chance to consider it all.

31-01-08, 21:15
Hi Merry,
work is starting to drown me so I've only had the littlest amount of time to digest what you've found. But I'm convinced enough to start ordering one or two certificates to check things out. Many thanks for your time! I daresay I'll be back with more questions before long.:)