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Bo the Bodger
29-01-08, 13:26
I probably should know but this is the first time I've had the misfortune to come across this.

A relative of mine, Muriel, married in the 1Q of 1916 and was a widow in August 1918 leaving her with a 1 yr old daughter. Now according to my father's hand written tree she remarried but bless him - all he wrote was the chap's christian name and no date - (a small improvement on 3 children in Zululand though).

When I search for her remarriage do I look under her maiden name Cozens/Cosens or her widowed named Foxon?

Many thanks

Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 13:28
Search using her widowed name.

Bo the Bodger
29-01-08, 13:30
Thanks Elaine. I didn't want to go spending hours looking in the wrong place - it is a tedious task at the best of time!

Merry Monty Montgomery
29-01-08, 13:31
Was the groom's name Stanley?

Bo the Bodger
29-01-08, 16:01
Hi Merry

I'll have to check when I get home - but that does vaguely ring a bell.

Bo the Bodger
29-01-08, 18:09
Hi Merry

Yes it's Stanley and it appears that there was a son Malcolm who died in 1942(but no date of birth!)

Merry Monty Montgomery
29-01-08, 19:26
The marriage (under Foxon) and the birth of Malcolm are both on FreeBMD. I saw them earlier........I've forgotten the dates now.....1924 for the marriage and 1926 or 1928 for the birth - from memory.

The mmn was Cozens for the birth reg.

Bo the Bodger
29-01-08, 19:38
That's brilliant Merry - thanks so much - off to have a search. :)