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Laura the Explorer
29-01-08, 11:48
I have lost this family in the 1891 census have them for every other year just not this one

Henry Pitt 1842 Leominster
Hannah Pitt 1842 Leominster
William Pitt 1870 Aston
Frederick George Pitt 1871 Aston
Hannah Pitt 1874 Aston
Florence S Pitt 1877 Aston

I don't seem to be able to see them for love nor money
Thanks you all who look I am soooooo greatfull


Joy Dean
29-01-08, 12:06
Class: RG12; Piece: 2433; Folio 126; Page 15; GSU roll: 6097543.

There is a Frederick here, but born about 1868, and a visitor.

Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 12:08
I can see Henry and Hannah in 1881 - where are they in 1901 (census ref would help)

Laura the Explorer
29-01-08, 12:21
I am going to scream is it legal to kill hubbys over leaving tree in the car I will have a look to see if I can find info requested


Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 12:24
ACtually not sure I have the right 1881 one!

Can you give the reference for 1881 and 1901 if you have them.

29-01-08, 12:26
I found Henry and Emma in 1881 but the children appear to have similar names and ages....I think baby Hannah may have died in 1874

Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 12:28
The closest I can find in 1881 is:

Henry Pitt b 1843 Leominster - occ builders labourer
Emma Pitt b 1845 Ludlow Shropshire

William b 1870 Birningham
Frederick b 1872 Birmningham
Florence b 1876 Birmningham
Benjamin b 1880 Birmingham
Alexander b 1881 Birmingham

living in Birmingham.

Is this the right family or not?

Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 12:30
and the above family in 1901
RG13; Piece: 2826; Folio: 129; Page: 15.

Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 12:31
.. and the same family in 1891
RG12; Piece: 2373; Folio 13; Page 22;

Of course if this isn't the right family then we will need to start again!

Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 12:32
I am going to scream is it legal to kill hubbys over leaving tree in the car

No .... but we wont tell! :):)

Laura the Explorer
29-01-08, 12:37
found a peice of paper in box with these details Henry sometimes becomes William and hannah must of died because I then have a marriage to an Emma

thanks folks
note pads do come in handy for somethings


Laura the Explorer
29-01-08, 12:38
so if thats the faomily where did frederick go