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Merry Monty Montgomery
29-01-08, 10:39
duplicating an occupation?

I think it's probably fairer to stick to the men only..............

dad - RAF

grandfathers - butcher and architect

great-grandfathers - train driver, stone mason, school master and librarian

g-g-grandfathers - butcher, ag lab, stone mason, carpenter, engine fitter, tea merchant, grocer, groom

g-g-g-grandfathers - butcher, ag lab, postman, ag lab, publican, millwright, unknown occ, unknown occ, ag-lab, carpet weaver, mariner, grocer, farmer, tailor, ag lab, china dealer

So, my first duplication is a g-g-grandfather who was a butcher like my grandfather. My first duplication within the same generation is in my g-g-g-grandparents gen - four ag labs!

Barbara Dodds
29-01-08, 10:55
Not very far ......... doesn't help that I'm missing one set of ggrandparents either

grandfathers - wagon repairer, bus owner and driver/farmer
ggrandfathers - carter, coal miner, ag lab, tailor, iron miner, train driver
gggandfathers - farmer, stationery engine driver, ag lab, coal miner, iron miner, ag lab

29-01-08, 10:59
Hmm, not far at all - one of my grandfather's occupations was more or less the same as my father's! If we could include women who were in paid employment - my mother was a teacher and so was my grandmother. In both these cases, it is the grandparent on the other side of my tree who shared an occupation with my parent!

Durham Lady
29-01-08, 11:00
There was Dad a coal Miner, his father a coal miner, both his grandparents and going back to my 5 x g grandfather Charles JUBB who married in 1718 everyone coal or copper miners from Northumberland or Cornwall.
On my mums side both grandfathers and going back to a g g g g grandfather were all coal or tin miners from Somerset, Cumberland and County Durham.
Nothing very exciting there.

29-01-08, 11:21
Okay - mine's a cheat as I can only go back a bit on my mum's tree but here goes

father - electrician
unknown and sheet metal worker

guinness brewer, footballer, house painter

great greats
bookbinder, hotel proprietor, decorator, carman, farmer

great great greats
accountant, carpenter, comedian, silversmith, house painter, shoemaker, bricklayers labourer (x2) , coal miner, farmer

29-01-08, 11:32
Father's side:

Father - Fishmonger
Grandfathers - Gas fitter, labourer in Cement factory
Great Grandfathers - Brickmaker, Market Gardener
GG Grandfather - ag labourer, ag labourer

Mother's side:

Father - Gardener
Grandfathers - Butler, Carman
Great Grandfathers - Groom, Royal Marine
GG Grandfathers - labourer, unknown

Elaine ..Spain
29-01-08, 14:06
Father - Accountant
Grandfathers - Metal roller machinist / Army
Greatgrandfathers - Royal Navy Engineer / Butcher / Journey man carrier / Engine stoker
GG grandfathers - Royal Navy Engineer / Royal Navy Engineer / Butcher / Brickmaker / Ag. Lab / Plate layer / Waterman / Lighterman

Richard in Perth
29-01-08, 14:33
Father - accountant
grandfathers - chef, engineers fitter
ggfs - steward, shipping clerk, gunmaker, candle-maker
gggfs - sugar baker, furnaceman, tailor, pianoforte-maker, gunsmith, house-painter, mason, soldier
gggfs - tailor, ag lab, shoemaker, grocer, cab-driver, builder, labourer, gunsmith, cordwainer, house-painter, shoemaker, mariner, labourer, mason, soldier

Of course, pretty common for a son to follow in his father's footsteps - hence the gunsmiths going back generations!

Merry Monty Montgomery
29-01-08, 14:37
That was going to be my next Q, Richard :(

Most number of gens with the same occ!! lol (I can't offer anything, as mine like to chop and change!)

Mary from Italy
29-01-08, 14:50
father: accountant
grandfathers: hospital porter, city transport manager
great-grandfathers: labourer, butcher, grocer, butcher
great-great-grandfathers: weaver, gardener, butcher-cum-summerhouse builder, dyer, wool comber, sawyer, carrier, farmer
great-great-great-grandfathers: outrider, gardener, gamekeeper, dyer, spinner, wool sorter, farmer, maltster, farmer, farmer/soldier

Sam from Stoke
29-01-08, 16:44
Not even one generation!

Father: Plasterer
G'dads: Plasterer, Potter
G G'dads: Plasterer, Coal Miner, Coal Miner, Iron Worker
GG G'dads: Plasterer, Coal Miner,, Stone Miner, Potter, Wheelwright, Labourer, Farmer, Potter
GGG G'dad's: Plasterer, Coal Miner, Coal Dealer, Potterx5, Fireman, Shoemaker, Farmer, Ag Lab x 3, Miller

Tony Cummings
29-01-08, 17:26
Father, transport manager.
Grandfathers, boilerman,joiner.
GGrandfathersclerk,plasterer,insurance agent,cooper.
GGGrandfathers,ag lab/grocer,brewer,ag lab/platelayer,house painter,coal miner x 2,cooper,fireman/stoker.
GGGGrandfathers, ag lab,not known,shepherd,watchmaker,ag lab,ag lab,not known,lab,coal miner x 4,pot painter, house painter,fisherman,farmer.

No wonder i'm handy around the house!!

Ann from Sussex
29-01-08, 17:44
Dad - Civil Servant

Grandfathers - Boilermaker : Painter and Decorator

Great grandfathers: Tinsmith : Farmer : Soldier : Tailor.

2xgreat grandfathers: Printer : Farmer : Tailor :Carpenter : Carpenter : Ag. Lab.

I'm assuming we needn't count war-time soldiers? My Dad was in the army in WW2 and my grandfather in WW1 and 2 great great grandfathers faught in the American Civil War but I haven't counted those as it wasn't their "real" job.

If you have tailors and farmers in your tree, you won't get back very far without duplication I think. If my family is typical, tailor's daughters married tailors and farmer's daughters married farmers generation after generation.


Olde Crone Holden
29-01-08, 18:07
Dad - Draughtsman/Technical Officer

Grandfathers - general labourer, opera singer (lol)

GGFs - Merchant, Pawnbroker, Dredger Master, Gen labourer.

2 x GGFs - Engine driver (liar!) Farmer/carter,House painter, Publican, Dredger Master, Master Quarrier, White fisherman, Ship's carpenter

3 x GGFs - Brewer, Cordwainer,Farmer, Farmer, Farmer, Farmer, Farmer Farmer. Master boat builder. Master Quarrier, Ship's carpenter,Ship rigger, Ship's carpenter, ship's carpenter, ag lab, farmer, farmer.

What I find interesting is that while one side of the family was going UP, the other side was coming DOWN.


29-01-08, 18:38
Father's side:
Royal Navy,
Bank manager/journalist,
Accountant, Glass factory owner,
Printer, Brewer's drayman, Tobacconist, Potter
Confectioner, Ironmonger/publican, Tailor, Ag lab, Farmer's waggoner, Carpet weaver, Potter, weaver
Baker, ag lab, not sure about the rest.

Mother's side:
Farmer, Farmer
Newspaper proprietor, Farmer, Farmer, Farmer
Printer and more farmers
Hairdresser, butcher and yet more farmers ...... they were all tenant farmers and included several cousin marriages.

And no connection whatsoever between the printers .... I like making things but have no interest in the land or very much in gardening!!

29-01-08, 21:21
son - electrician
me - librarian
father - electrician
grandfathers - merchant seaman, plumber
great grandfathers - army captain and builder, Mines Dept Warden, plumber, railway fettler
great-great grandfathers - builder, publican, blacksmith, gilder/publican, carter, debt collector, ag lab., engineer.


Helen Smith Too
29-01-08, 21:58
Dad - Electrical Draughtsman

Grandads - Steelworks labourer & Electrician

Gr-Grandads - Shipyard rivetter, driver, Engineer in shipyard, shipyard joiner.

Gr-gr-Grandads - Sawyer (Crumpet maker, 1901), Furnaceman, Tinsmith, Miner, Fitter, Grocer/Carter, Clerk (formerly Tea Dealer) & Ironworks Labourer

Gr-gr-gr-Grandads - Ag Lab, Victualler, Ag lab, Weaver, Dyer, Tailor, Butcher, Mine Labourer. Farmer, Turner, Farmer, Boatman/Docker, Waterman, Platelayer, Ironworks labourer, Labourer

me - Electrical Draughtswoman, brother - Electrical draughtsman.

Merry Monty Montgomery
29-01-08, 22:01
Helen - what's a crumpet maker? (other than the obvious :))

29-01-08, 22:14
Helen - what's a crumpet maker? (other than the obvious :))

is it the 1901 equivalent of Gok Wan from How to Look Good Naked?

Merry Monty Montgomery
29-01-08, 22:20
Oh of course..............................how silly of me :)

Mary from Italy
29-01-08, 22:32
No, he's a crumpet maker-over.

Helen Smith Too
29-01-08, 22:36
err.... don't know Gok Wan.

I assume it's the obvious, and I've also got a Besom-maker hiding away somewhere.

Jesse the Sawyer was about 70 when he turned his hand to crumpet-making. It's the thought of this old man sitting there turning out crumpets....wonder if he made anything else
Fortunately, when he died 3 years later, his occupation was recorded as Wood sawyer.

Vicky the Viking
29-01-08, 23:10
Don't have to go far... in all cases these are father/son with the same occupation.
I'm ignoring jobs of only a year or two's duration.

dad - RN telegraphist then policeman
gf - policeman then insurance salesman/collector; steel works foreman
ggf - soldier then farmer then colliery policeman; stonemason; scalemaker; parish clerk then chemical works labourer
gggf - coal miner; gamekeeper then coal miner; tailor then stone mason; master baker then general labourer; scalemaker; scalemaker; shoemaker then parish clerk; Royal Marines then water bailiff

Pat Hope
29-01-08, 23:36
dad - electrician
grandfathers - boilermaker,blacksmith
greatgrandfathers - boilermaker,chemical labourer,fiddle string maker,blacksmith
great great grandfathers - boilermaker,2 farmers,house painter.blacksmith,silk weaver,free overseer exconvict transported from Dublin to Norfolk Island Australia
great great great grandfathers -boilermaker,weaver,painter

30-01-08, 02:10
If you count both sides, I fall at the first hurdle as my parents are both teachers! Men only, let's see...

Grandfathers - that's a point, I'm not actually sure what my paternal grandfather did. I know he was in the RAF during WW2, but not his peacetime occupation. I remember Dad mentioning that he did quite a bit of carpentry, but I think that was just a hobby - I'll have to ask. Mum's dad was in the Navy during the war, then a farmer afterwards.

1gs - probably another carpenter, not sure there either; coal miner; baker; journalist.

2gs - carpenter; collier; engine fitter (sort of duplicated, in that the same person is my 2g two ways since my paternal grandparents were first cousins); baker; farmer; rigger; watchmaker.

3gs - carpenter; carpenter; dunno, since I haven't tracked him down yet; dunno, since by 1881, the only census on which I've found him, he was retired; collier; coal haulier; mariner; iron moulder; watch and clock maker, gunsmith, gas engineer and fitter (evidently a multitalented individual!); tanner and fellmonger.

4gs upwards - haven't found most of them!

Elizabeth Herts
30-01-08, 08:33
Father - Veterinary Surgeon
Grandfather - Aeronautical Engineer
Great-grandfather - Textile Designer/Artist
Great-great-grandfather -Joiner
Great-great-great-grandfather - Painter, Grainer, Stenciller

Mother - Veterinary Surgeon
Grandfather - Engineer Lieutenant Commander RN
Great-grandfather - Engineer Commander RN
Great-great-grandfather - Inspector of Shipwrights HM Dockyard Portsmouth

Engineers of some description seem to predominate in earlier generations. Now it's vets!

Little Nell
31-01-08, 11:54
Father's side - bus conductor - picture framer - fisherman/ag lab. Then there's a long line of fishermen/ag labs back to 1780s which is where I get stuck.

Mother's side - blacksmith/chauffeur/caretaker - manservant - ag lab - then again, way back, ag labs to at least 1760s.

It's an interesting picture of changing occupations. In the beginning there was the ag lab who beget the ag lab etc. But the nearer we get to the 20th century the more likely it is that a chap would have at least 2 different occupations.

Durham Lady
31-01-08, 15:03
That was going to be my next Q, Richard :(

Most number of gens with the same occ!! lol (I can't offer anything, as mine like to chop and change!)

7 generations of miners in my list must be one of the most boring lists:D

31-01-08, 15:14
There are probably longer strings of labourers or ag labs, but it would be too boring to check for them.

31-01-08, 17:49
I can manage 6 generations of farmers, probably more but I haven't traced them any further back than that. Ditto the miners (plus various other mining-related occupations - coal haulier, furnace filler etc.) - since they were the ones who were all called Jones, Hughes or Evans, I haven't managed to trace some of them further than four or five generations back, but they were probably mining before that.