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20-01-08, 20:49
Sorry i have loads of little bits that i can't find and am spending tonight trying to find them.

I am looking for Jane Woodbridge she was born 1871 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire her parents are William and Sarah i have her on the 1871 and 1881 census but can't find anything for her after this can anyone see anything for her please,


20-01-08, 21:18
did she have a second name? - Jane born Bovi 1871+/-2 seem thin on the ground

cant see her birth either

20-01-08, 21:25
I cant find anything else for her Jess apart from what i have from the 71 and 81 census's sorry.

Joan of Archives
20-01-08, 21:28
The only female Woodbridge birth that fits the timescale is Sophia, born Dec 1870 Dec Q , Hemel Hempstead.

Could Sophia's pet name have been Jane ? :confused:

Little Nell
20-01-08, 21:32
How old is she in 1871 census?

This would appear to be a likely baptism from FamilySearch.org - Family History and Genealogy Records (http://www.familysearch.org:)

Christening: 25 FEB 1872 Flaunden, Hertford, England
Extracted birth or christening record for locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the birth or christening date.
Source Information: Batch No.: P016621

Flaunden is a few miles south of Bovingdon on the map.

Little Nell
20-01-08, 21:33
Fits in nicely with Joan's finding too!

Little Nell
20-01-08, 21:34
Two other baptisms on that batch no. with those parents:

EMILY WOODBRIDGE - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Female Christening: 11 AUG 1867 Flaunden, Hertford, England

3. GEORGE WOODBRIDGE - International Genealogical Index
Gender: Male Christening: 20 MAY 1866 Flaunden, Hertford, England

Joan of Archives
20-01-08, 21:36
Lol Nell !!

I can't find a marriage for a Sophia though, maybe she died before 1891?


Lyn A
20-01-08, 21:39
In 1891 Census there is a Jane Woodridge, b 1871 as a servant in Willwsden, but her bp is given as Hamden.
RG12; Piece: 1045; Folio 127; Page 4

There is also a Jane Wooldridge, b 1870, Hampshire as a servant

RG12; Piece: 617; Folio 35; Page 12

That is as near as I can get. Sorry.

Little Nell
20-01-08, 21:41
Can't see a likely death or marriage for either Jane or Sophia Woodbridge.

20-01-08, 21:42
Bovindon and Flaunden sort of collide , down the back of no-where - in fact where they lived was nearer flaunden, and dad was born there so bound to be.

would be registered hemel hempstead

Joan of Archives
20-01-08, 21:44
Perhaps she emigrated ?


20-01-08, 21:50
Thankyou very much sorry i dissapeared was just sorting hubby out he keeps going giddy with migranes and needed help getting to the bathroom and back. I suppose she could of imigrated because a lot of the people on this tree imigrated but i haven't found any this side of the tree that have but there is that chance.
Thankyou for finding the baptism.

Joan of Archives
20-01-08, 22:04
I think I found her in 1901, her place of birth is shown as Flauntney Bucks, but Flaunden is very close to Bucks border.

Class: RG13; Piece: 125; Folio: 23; Page: 37.


21-01-08, 13:29
Thankyou very much Joan. I appreciate your help.