View Full Version : How old please?

Chrissie Smiff
19-01-08, 16:26
Can anyone suggest how old the little girl bridesmaid is in this photo please?
Or the approx year it was taken?


19-01-08, 16:53
i,d say 8/9 years old,double breated suit,one lady wearing a fox,s stole my nannie had one year 1950,s brenda xxx

Just Barbara
19-01-08, 17:04
Hi Chrissie, the photo looks late 1940s, maybe 47, the little girl looks under 10, maybe 8/9...........

Chrissie Smiff
19-01-08, 17:30
Thank you Bren and Barbara. I want to look for the marriage details and was trying to narrow the year down. The little girl is me:) and I was born in December 1943. So if I was 8 it would be about 1952. I will start there I think:)

Little Nell
19-01-08, 19:06
One of the chap's suits looks very like the one my father married in in 1953.

Just Barbara
19-01-08, 20:39
I'd suggest starting a bit earlier just to be on the safe side, you could have been a tall child.........

Chrissie Smiff
19-01-08, 22:27
Well 53 would make me 9 Nell, so it sounds good:)

I think I was probably average Barbara. I'm 5'3 and a half" now.

Little Nell
19-01-08, 23:09
And one of the ladies has a coat very like the one my grandmother wore to the same wedding.

I would point out that my father never spent money if he could avoid it and my grandmother was poor, so their clothes might have been a few years out of date!

Olde Crone Holden
19-01-08, 23:59
The ladies coats are "New Look" which was a response to clothes coming off coupon, so I would say early 1950s, not much earlier.

I can just remember my mum excitedly going to C and A's for a "new look" coat and coming home and swirling round in it, after years of wearing a utility tailored topcoat.


20-01-08, 09:51
OC i still think 1950,s and the child (chrissie) looks 8/9 brenda xxx

Merry Monty Montgomery
20-01-08, 10:57
Cor, you must have lead an exciting life Chrissie, if you can't remember when you went to a wedding!! (There's grand! pmsl)

I went to one when I was 6½ and wasn't even a bridesmaid :), but I do remember when it was :cool:

Chrissie Smiff
20-01-08, 11:07
Well that settles it, thank you all, I shall go and search and report back when I find out when it was:) I rang a living relative last night to see if she could remember as she is on the photo but unfortunately she had a stroke last year and is rather confused.

I was a bridesmaid several times Merry. On one wedding photo I am much younger and looking serious and I can actually remember that I was waiting for the photographer to say smile:)

Chrissie Smiff
20-01-08, 11:41
Thank you all, mystery solved. It was Jan-March 1951, so I was only just over 7. It may have mislead you though Brenda because I am standing in front of my grandma who was only about 4'10" ish and my mum, on the left, was only about 5'0" ish. They were quite a small family because my cousin Cyril who is standing just the other side of me wasn't very tall either.

I had to wade through 5 pages to find the bride though. It was a fairly common name but I thought she was called Mary. I found out she was Winifred M after looking at all the other pages:)

While I was at it Merry I looked for the other marriage when I was a small bridesmaid. It turned out that I was 3 and 3 quarters for the other one. No wonder I wasn't sure when I was supposed to smile lol:)) Must try and find the photo as it's quite funny:)

Little Nell
20-01-08, 11:52

I've been a bridesmaid twice. First time was for my uncle (mother's side) and I was 12. It was the summer holiday when I got my first camera and we went on holiday to Norfolk and I took a pic of my gt grandparents' grave, though didn't know at the time how much I would find out about them!

2nd time I was a bridesmaid for my cousin (father's side). I was a witness along with the best man, and I stuck my heel through my long, stiff petticoat as I went down the steps into the vestry to sign. Fortunately it didn't cause any real damage.

Chrissie Smiff
20-01-08, 11:57
Any photos Nell? I LOVE looking at old photographs. I look at them all on here but I don't often comment because I'm not very good at guessing ages, dates or uniforms or anything - as you may have noticed lol:)