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18-01-08, 21:55
This is a photo found in my late grandmothers possessions. It is a postcard & the inscription on the back says " To my Dear Cousin with fondest love Mona"

I would appreciate any thoughts on when this photo may date from, how old you think Cousin Mona might be & could Mona be short for another name?

No-one knows who Mona is. I haven't come across a Mona in the rellies I've found so far & would love to solve this family mystery.



Just Gillian
18-01-08, 22:28
Mona could be short for Ramona.

I'd estimate her age as late 50s, or well preserved early 60s.

Rachel Scand
18-01-08, 23:52
I've looked up the name Mona on here

Behind the Name: Names Beginning With M (http://www.behindthename.com/nm/m5.php)

Anglicized form of the Muadhnait (Irish)

Short form of Monika (Scandinavian)

Variant of Muna (Arabic)

Just Barbara
19-01-08, 12:06
Hi, I've been having a look at cousin Mona, she looks to be a smart lady in late middle age, the picture is a wee bit dark, but it is a studio photograph and it looks to date from the 1920s ( probably the middle of the decade ).

19-01-08, 12:38
Thank you all for your input. I am just so hopeless at estimating ages. I had thought it was a studio photo from around 1920'ish simply because of the cloche hat. So that puts Cousin Mona born around 1860/70's. So thank you again. Geraldine

19-01-08, 16:56
i would say 1945/50 she is holding a clutch bag,i remember my first clutch bag that was 1958, roma i agree ramona,or monica brenda xxx

Little Nell
19-01-08, 18:36
Bear in mind that "dear cousin" might mean 2nd or 3rd cousin, or one or more generations removed.

Little Nell
19-01-08, 18:37
And the fact that it was in your grandmother's possession doesn't mean that it's your grandmother's cousin either. It might have been her husband's cousin or her mother-in-law's cousin, mightn't it?

19-01-08, 19:23
I've always thought she was a cousin on my grandfathers side & they are the ones proving most elusive! I have done quite well with my Nan's family considering they were all born in India. Thank you all again, I do appreciate your thoughts. Geraldine

Chrissie Smiff
20-01-08, 11:44
Isn't it a bit big to be a clutch bag Brenda? I seem to remember they were quite small?