View Full Version : this was a little stream ankle deep now a torrent,this is it today

15-01-08, 15:22
http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n17/bren_015/IMG0006.jpghttp://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n17/bren_015/IMG0007.jpgso far so good if we get no rain it wont come but this is the distance of the cottage to the brook,

brenda xxx

15-01-08, 15:23
A bit too close for comfort, Bren. Fingers crossed you are safe.

Elaine ..Spain
15-01-08, 15:24
Hope the weather settles for you Bren. Keep safe.

15-01-08, 15:25
Hope it keeps its distance for you Bren, it's certainly very close to you and the area is very flat isn't it?

15-01-08, 15:28

this is our main road in we had to turn back and go throught a narrow lane and only just made it.brenda xxx

Durham Lady
15-01-08, 15:29
Hope it goes no further Bren, it's one worry you won't miss when you move isn't it.

15-01-08, 15:34
definetly not,i dont ant this before we move,my employer for the first time asked me if i had the sand bags ready,i have burstitus and pulled ligament trevor has athritus in spine and feet and pernitious enemia and she asks this,never asked before,i cant wait to move,im not sleeping im up till 5 and 6 then at work at 9.doctor put me on sleeping pills but im still waking every 2 hours.brenda xxx

15-01-08, 16:12
Oh Bren hope the rain stops for you babe , and roll on your retirement dear

15-01-08, 16:19
10 weeks and i will be a lady of leasure,lol brenda xxx

15-01-08, 16:32
10 weeks, that's not long at all is it?:):)

15-01-08, 16:52
Fingers crossed Brenda that the water keeps away from your cottage.

Not long now before you can move out.

15-01-08, 18:13
no wendy,but i feel so sory for the next one moving in as she wont warn them,but they wil see the big drop in gates for the doors and sand bags so hope they understand what there letting themselves in for,this cottage flooded 20 years ago so the insurance will be high brenda xxx

16-01-08, 12:06
Do you really think she'll get another live in for the same money as she pays you ? No way hosea!! Her next Mug, sorry 'employee' will demand ( and probably get) far more than you - including things like house insurance paid.

They just wont entertain the job otherwise.

16-01-08, 13:26
if she comes and see,s the brook now and the sandbags which im leaving up till we move and the door gates she will see for her self,its forcast more rain after today,it will be scarey as the water hasnt gone down that much,i cant afford to lose anything now were on the verge of moving brenda xxx