View Full Version : Do you reckon that these two are the same woman?

Margaret in Burton
14-01-08, 21:59


Jilly McMad
14-01-08, 22:17
i would say yes I think...

Margaret in Burton
14-01-08, 22:22
Ta Jilly

I think so, but I need to make sure.

I have this contact on OH side who has found absolutely loads of photos in the effects of a maiden great aunt.

We know the family they are from but the trouble is, they are a huge family and most of the photos have nothing written on them. :mad:

14-01-08, 22:23

I would definately the same woman, first pic probably taken in the mid/late 1920's

second one, probably abit later 1930's she has the same style of hair,

but I would say it is the same person.

Margaret in Burton
14-01-08, 22:26
Hi Julie

The second photo I was sent today. As soon as I saw it I said I know who this is. I already had the 1st photo.

I have sent it to OH 3rd cousin who does remember her in later life.

Trouble is, she has MS and it does depend how she is as to when she will reply.

Little Nell
14-01-08, 23:02

vikki brace
15-01-08, 08:50
I'd say yes too

Margaret in Burton
15-01-08, 10:57
Thank you all for your replies.

This contact of mine in wonderful. He has an absolute mountain of stuff to go through and sends me copies of everything.
Trouble is, he thinks I am the mine of info to tell him who it is :confused:

Not even my family it's OH's


15-01-08, 15:36
same eyes same high cheek bone,same necklace must be family heirloom. i would say yes or twins,or sisters brenda xxx

Olde Crone Holden
16-01-08, 14:39

It's the "Good Pearls" lol...not often worn, because they are slightly crooked on the right hand side, due to the very tight stringing of pearls - this over tightness relaxes after a few good wearings.


16-01-08, 14:45
OC have they been passed to you then?and do you wear them?brenda xxx

Pat Hope
16-01-08, 15:40
It doesn't look like the same necklace to me There are 3 beads divided by 2 smaller ones at the front on the first picture

16-01-08, 16:01
could have been restrung and thats why its too tight brenda xxx

Val wish Id never started
16-01-08, 19:55
I was thinking the Beads are not the same on both Necklaces there are some smaller ones on the first necklace in the centre

Chrissie Smiff
20-01-08, 12:09
I have sat looking at these for ages. It would be easier if they were both a tad smaller so that we could compare the two at the same time without scrolling. Different necklaces but that doesn't mean much.

My first thought was that if they were different people they were definitely closely related. The nose looks slightly bent on the first but not the second but I think that may be because of the different angle of the photo. The chins look slightly different too but possibly because of age? It's the eyebrows that make me think it's the same lady though. Both of them have a 'perfect' eyebrow on the right (left as you look at the photo) but the other eyebrow on both is higher and starts a bit 'fuzzy' then half way across it becomes thicker and fuzzy, then tapers off.

27-01-08, 00:11
Is that a broach or the name of the photographer in the second photo- bottom right lapel, and the necklace looks different in the second picture.

Margaret in Burton
27-01-08, 00:35
Is that a broach or the name of the photographer in the second photo- bottom right lapel, and the necklace looks different in the second picture.


I think its the name of the photographer.

The two photos are the same woman. This has now been confirmed by someone that remembers her.

Thank you to all that contributed to this thread