View Full Version : Can anyone date this please?

Sue from Southend
13-01-08, 13:36
There are two people that this could possibly be. If someone can give me an opinion on date it might narrow it down a bit! Thanks to Julie for the restoration which makes this possible!


Margaret in Burton
13-01-08, 14:04
1900 -1910?

Sue from Southend
13-01-08, 14:28
Hmm, that's what I thought... I really want it to be my Gt Grandmother Esther Moore but she died in 1895 aged 39. It's probably her eldest daughter Esther who was born in 1875, making her 25-35 for this photo. She became my grandmother's surrogate mother as Nan was only 3 when their mother died. Does that make her my surrogate Gt Grandmother;)

13-01-08, 15:01
Hi Sue,

The hairstyle is of the "frizzed" look and the sleeving would appear to be a possible leg of mutton. If this is the case then the Gigot, or Leg of Mutton sleeving was fashionable from 1893 to 1897. After 1897 with the disappearence of the Gigot sleeving, sleeves took on a much tighter form and shape than before. hairstyles also changed about this time and the pompadour, or loose pompadour coiffure came into being. But this is the puzzle. Augustus Scott (b 1856-d1921) is noted as trading from 18&20 between the years of 1905 to 1908 however he is also noted as being at number 18 from 1904 to 1907 and at number 20 from 1896 to 1908 (he also is noted as trading from no: 4 Oxford Street between the years of 1886 and 1894 and at no: 108 Oxford Street between 1891 to 1895) My thinking is, is that this photograph does date from between 1893 to 1897 and has been reproduced at a later dater which would then allow for the address given on the bottom of the card........just a thought.


Sue from Southend
13-01-08, 15:31
So Don you think it's possible that it is the elder Esther? My one misgiving is that these were not rich people - would she have been able to afford the latest fashion?
Other than that it does seem likely that the photo was reproduced for Nan as she grew older so that she knew what her Mother had looked like...
Thanks for your input Don

13-01-08, 15:51
I would not completely dispel her as she would have been alive at the start of the leg of mutton period. But there again......................
something else is puzzling me and that is the collar to the bodice top (if indeed it is a bodice that we are looking at and not a blouse). Most of the photographs that I have studied of the period show women's collars full around the neck and higher than the one shown. Could it be her eldest daughter? To be honest I can not really say. As I said before, a puzzle if ever there was one.


14-01-08, 11:42
early 1900,s with the dress brenda xxx