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Chrissie Smiff
11-01-08, 15:44
I am doing a bit of sorting out of old photographs and I wondered if anyone could help with a few questions please?

I have 4 photos that I would like help with but I shall do them one at a time.
The first one is my maternal Grandmother. She was born at the end of 1877.
How old do you think she might be on this photo please. Taking into account the clothes etc.



Chrissie Smiff
11-01-08, 15:46
This one is my maternal Grandfather. Another one that I would like an idea of when it was taken. He was born in 1876. So any ideas how old - clothes again etc please?



Chrissie Smiff
11-01-08, 15:53
This one says on the back - Cousin Eva and Gladys. I think Gladys is the one sitting down. Gladys was my mothers sister and I would like to establish when she was born. I know that it was between 1900 and 1915. Any idea what year this may have been taken please? Then I have to find out who cousin Eva was:)
Actually, I'm not sure which one Gladys is because she lost an eye at some point and looking at the photo again it looks like the one standing may have a glass eye.

UPDATE - I have just discovered that Glady was born 15/12/1901



Chrissie Smiff
11-01-08, 15:58
Finally - I hear you breathe a sigh of relief:)
This one says on the back - Aunt Florrie - Dads sister in law. Now dad was the grandad born in 1876, so I assume that Florrie (Florence) married one of his brothers.
Anyone got any idea what the uniform is please and how old she looks? I would like to try and date it approximately.

P.S. She sent this as a Christmas card - it would have frightened the life out of me:)



11-01-08, 17:31
Hi Chrissie,
number four I think is the uniform of a woman police officer. If this is the case it would be from about 1914 as that was the year that the Metropolitan Women's Police unit was founded (other force's may have had women police officers prior to this date). There is a photograph of a female officer dressed as yours is (the only exception being that she is wearing a leather belt around her waist over her jacket whereas yours does not) chasing a group of naked young boys with a very big stick after catching them swimming in one of the large London parks on the back cover of "In darkest London, anti-social behaviour 1900-1939" by Steve Jones. Unfortunately I have looked for this picture on the net so that you can compare it with your photograph but I am unable to locate it.


Elizabeth Herts
11-01-08, 17:33
Oh, Chrissie - When I first read the title of the thread I thought you were askng for Mandy-type advice! Until I realised what forum it was in!!:o

11-01-08, 17:49
no brollies in ere Elizabeth :D


11-01-08, 17:54
number three I would say was taken in the early to mid 1920's which would make her 24 at the most.


Chrissie Smiff
11-01-08, 18:00
Ha Ha Elizebeth - I hadn't thought of that when I typed the heading:) It's a wonder the mods didn't move it without looking:)

Thank you Don, that's fascinating. I should have mentioned though that this photograph was taken at a studio in Nottingham. So it wasn't likely to be the Metropolitan police. That might explain the belt missing. I wonder if it changes the possible year too?

Chrissie Smiff
11-01-08, 18:02
Thanks again Don. I will look for number three's marriage. I don't imagine she was married at the time of the photo. (Looks too happy lol:)

11-01-08, 22:43
1st one i,d say18 and she is married as she has a ring on, brenda xxx

11-01-08, 22:45
2nd one he is about 24/5 brenda xxx
3rd one 1920,s
4th one i would say 1914

Chrissie Smiff
12-01-08, 11:15
Thank you Brenda, that's very helpful.
I think you have really hit the nail on the head with the first one. She got married at 19, so I bet that was a photograph to celebrate the wedding?
I think the fourth one is about right too - The start of the war, 1914, would be a good reason for them to start accepting women in the police.

The problem with number three is that the clothes look 20's but she was born at the end of 1901 and she doesn't look much older than 16/17 to me.

Number two, Grandad, I just wonder what he would be doing with evening dress on if he was only 25? Also, I wonder when that style of evening dress came in.

Olde Crone Holden
12-01-08, 22:25
The waxed pointed moustache was all the rage from about 1875 to about 1925. (Salvador Dali had "the world's pointiest moustache").

He was wearing evening dress because that is what you wore in the evening, socially, and any well dressed man would possess an evening suit because it was considered terribly common to appear in public in the evening in an ordinary day suit.

I agree with Brenda, he looks in his mid twenties.


Chrissie Smiff
12-01-08, 22:45
Oh thank you OC - so probably about 1900 ish then. Maybe they went dancing a lot:) Although with grandma it was more likely to be church:)

Paul Barton, Special Agent
18-01-08, 00:59
The first picture must be more recent because I see she's adjusting the sound on her i-Pod. Take a look.

Chrissie Smiff
18-01-08, 10:27
Lol Paul - so she is:) I'm not surprised though, my gran always had to have the latest fashion :D