View Full Version : 2nd Photo identity please

Val wish Id never started
10-01-08, 20:40
also the same for this man please year what war and how old you think he is.
Also would you say its the same family8880

10-01-08, 21:30

this is my dad in 1941 stationed in portsmouth,wonder if they served together? looks the same uniform as his brenda xxx

10-01-08, 21:41
Can not really say much about this sailor except that as he only has HMS showing on his tally band I would assume that it was a war time photograph, probably 2nd ww.


10-01-08, 22:05
he has crossed swords on his arms so what would that stand for?brenda xxx

Val wish Id never started
10-01-08, 22:30
thanks for your replies
The problem I have is the sailor is supposed to be my uncle Harry who served in the second war but his one surviving sister says it isnt him .