View Full Version : Are these photos of the same man ?

Astro Lady
07-01-08, 22:40
My Gt Gt Grandfather was born in 1821 in Hanover and was in England in 1851 with his new wife.
This is his photo c. 1881-1885

Ive just been sent this one from a distant relative and he seems to think its the same man but about 10 years earlier. Your opinions would be appreciated thanks. :confused:

Jennifer Eccles
07-01-08, 22:42
i would think so Valley, taking into account the weight gain, the eybrows, ears and mouth are identical...

Astro Lady
07-01-08, 22:55
Thanks Jennifer,
When i recieved this photo i had my reservations although i must admit i still could see a family resemblance.
I think when you get things like this sent out of the blue (so to speak) your mind takes a while to accept it. :confused:
I do "feel" it in my bones that he is Heinrich Wahlen but just needed reassuring i suppose. The photos were both taken by the same photographer in Hull. a Louis Holzheimer,a German photographer and most probably a good friend as they only lived round the corner.Here are the photos in full.

Heinrich Wahlen and daughters c.1883

And the new one sent to me c.1875ish

08-01-08, 14:44
I would agree in saying that the two photographs show the same man. The broadness of the bridge of the nose, the depth of philtrum, the form of the bottom lip and the high cheek formation all indicate to me that they are one and the same. Hope it helps.


Jennifer Eccles
08-01-08, 15:02
Great photo, the first one with his daughters.. they just go to confirm what i said earlier.. the daughter on the right resembles more the second photo.. 10 years earlier, and the daughter on the left has her father off to a tee on the later photo.

Astro Lady
08-01-08, 15:18
Thanks Don and Jennifer, you're a couple of gems ! :)
Iv'e been asking my rellies and friends and its running at a 90% probablity thats its the same fella...yippeeee !

From the Hull photographers (Louis Holzheimer)family residence on the census returns and marriage in Kensington i've worked out that the earliest photo couldn't have been taken before 1872 and the later one couldn't have been taken any later than April 1881.Thanks for your help :)

Jennifer Eccles
08-01-08, 15:21
She is lovely the daughter( your Gt Gt Grandmother) :)

08-01-08, 18:29
i dont think they are one has what is called a widows peak hair style,eyes are different,rhe eyebrows are different he looks as if he scowls and the other doesnt brenda xxx

Astro Lady
09-01-08, 19:21
i dont think they are one has what is called a widows peak hair style,eyes are different,rhe eyebrows are different he looks as if he scowls and the other doesnt brenda xxx

Thanks Bren,they were my first thoughts too.
All i know is that the photo had "Henry" written on the back.

09-01-08, 21:12
no left eyebrow on second picture lower down than the first one,eyes different and hair style you can see the top picture shows no sign of a widows peak,both different could be brothers brenda xxx

Just Barbara
09-01-08, 22:28
Hi, unless Henry had a brother living with him the gentleman in the superb bath chair and the one holding the chair are the same man, and though the photo of the man standing is not of good quality I think it appears to show clothes of an earlier period than the gentleman in the bathchair.