View Full Version : Two trees on FTM

Chrissy Confused
06-01-08, 21:38
One is my side and the other is the OH side, now they are both on FTM is there a way I can merge the two together to make one big tree

06-01-08, 21:43
Yes, just add your OH to Yourself and then they should join up!!!!!

Chrissy Confused
06-01-08, 21:47
Thanks Wendy, should make life easier having just one tree (she says hopefully) lol

09-01-08, 18:59
Is there any way to do the opposite? I've been wondering if 2 trees might be easier for me to manage ;-)) Geraldine

Carol Bird
10-01-08, 22:28

Ron at Genealogy Printers posted this response on "the other side" some time ago. You may find the website mentioned, which he created, of use.

"Splitting & Merging Files using Family Tree Maker
Following on from another thread about family tree printing where I mentioned splitting family tree files so that only certain people are exported to a new gedcom or a new Family Tree Maker file, we have received quite a few telephone calls and private e-mails asking about splitting or merging gedcom or Family Tree Maker files. Due to the amount of interest in this subject I have created a website which is a tutorial telling you step by step how to export or merge only certain people from your Family Tree Maker file into a separate gedcom or Family Tree Maker file. The instructions on the website are for using Family Tree Maker as this is the most widely used program. I'm sure that some members will find it useful. This website can be seen here - Splitting a Family File (http://tinyurl.com/a5t8v) "


11-01-08, 07:12
Great! Thanks Carol.


Val wish Id never started
11-01-08, 12:43
Geraldine if you manage to do it please let me know how easy it was ??? thanks

03-02-08, 17:24
It was easy enough, apart from me worrying that I was going to loose my tree completely! However, 1st time round I ended up with 10 files on my desktop. Got rid of them & started again & had the 2 trees I was after but they only showed direct rellies. Should I have fiddled with the number of generations? Geraldine