View Full Version : Anyone know about guns?

02-01-08, 13:03
Could anyone tell me what sort of gun this is please - I'm useless at guns.
Also would soldiers from WW1 have been able to keep their guns when the war was finished?


Grampa Jim
02-01-08, 13:10
Looks like a Shotgun to me.

Heather Positive Thinker
02-01-08, 13:21
Hi Trish, well he has a retriever dog and a hare in his hand, so likely a shot gun, but its unusual to carry it like that, a gamekeeper/sportsman would normally have it broken over his arm if he wasnt actually using it and it does seem very long. OH is a member of Vintage Arms Association, so when he gets back Ill show him the pic.

I think soldiers were SUPPOSED to hand in their arms when they demobbed but there were an awful lot of guns floating around after both wars - I guess a few could easily go missing in the paperwork.:)

02-01-08, 13:23
Thanks Jim, a shotgun is just a shotgun is it? Is that where you get a double barrelled shotgun - looks like 2 bits on it to me:confused:

02-01-08, 13:24
Thanks Heather, my grandfather was no gamekeeper - more like a poacher:D:D

02-01-08, 13:25
my OH says it's a double barrelled shotgun, Trish

Heather Positive Thinker
02-01-08, 13:27
Hi, hubby just walked in - and he reckons a double barrelled shotgun - certainly not a military weapon.

02-01-08, 13:40
Thanks very much, it looks enormous - bet it gave a good old kick when you pulled the trigger:D

Sue H
02-01-08, 14:10
Hi Trish
My OH thinks its a 12 bore double barrelled shotgun

02-01-08, 14:26
Oh heck, what's a 12 bore?

Grampa Jim
02-01-08, 15:12
I think that refers to the diameter of the barrels.

I expect someone here will know.

02-01-08, 15:20
Thanks again Jim, that'll be the size of the bullets then.

02-01-08, 15:24
Just googled, cartridges not bullets. Full of lead bits.

Nobody put one of these things in my care for goodness sake!!!

02-01-08, 15:37
Just think what damage you could do your wee mouse with one of those, Trish :)

02-01-08, 15:44
The mouse would probably escape - not sure about the house and garden though:D

02-01-08, 20:16
looks like a double barrel shotgun used on farms brenda xxx

Olde Crone Holden
03-01-08, 00:36
And I would say the gun IS broken over his arm....

You should, in theory, be able to trace a gun licence for him. They were pretty hot on this in the countryside (revenue, haha)


03-01-08, 11:41
I never thought of that OC, would a poacher have a gun licence do you think?

03-01-08, 11:52
OC guns have to be carried that way for safty reason brenda xxx

Olde Crone Holden
04-01-08, 21:58

Someone said earlier in the thread that he was carrying the gun unbroken - I don't think he is.

Nope, a poacher wouldn't have a gun licence - and he wouldn't use a shotgun for poaching either! Too big to hide when the gamekeeper catches you, too noisy in use. Poachers used snares and traps, not guns.

I would think this is a legitimately held weapon, with a licence.


Just Gillian
04-01-08, 22:26
But there were special poachers' guns - OH used to have one, not that he was a poacher lol
They were hinged at a point just along the barrel so that they could be folded and slipped inside jackets/coats. They were usually 410s as they made a crack rather than a loud bang.
I think it looks as if the gun is broken too.