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Margaret N
27-12-07, 10:53
How can I change the Text Size when printing a Family Tree or even a report of any kind.

When using FTM (only) my printer does not give me the option anywhere to increase the size of the print. I have an HP 2575.

I hope to be able to copy the text of the Family Tree into word (not export it) and then print it off where I can change the text size. This did not work.

Any help appreciated.

Elaine ..Spain
27-12-07, 10:55
When you have prepared your report or chart, click on Format and select Text Font, Style and Size - change this to whatever you want it to be.

Elaine ..Spain
27-12-07, 11:01
If you want to copy it into Word, then prepare your report, go to EDIT, select COPY GENEALOGY REPORT, open Word and paste the report into Word. You can change the font style and size when you are in Word.

Margaret N
27-12-07, 17:41
Elaine, Many thanks for your help you will have to produce a book for people like me.

We both have such small families but difficult ones to trace. That is why I only use the programme about once or twice a year and know so little about it.

Happy New Year.