View Full Version : Help! Where are this father and son in 1841?

Little Nell
26-12-07, 20:34
1851 HO107/1482 367 p.27
Reg district: St Martin In The Fields Sub-reg district: Long Acre
No 1 Martlett Court, Crown Court, Little Russell Street [several households]
>>> Abraham Mullins abt 1793 Yeovil,* Somerset, Head wid. greengrocer
Henry Mullins abt 1832 St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, Son greengrocer assistant

26-12-07, 21:04
Sorry can't see them.

Little Nell
26-12-07, 21:09

Thanks for looking, anyway. I am sure they are in London somewhere. Frustrating as I don't know who Abraham's wife/Henry's mother was and I was hoping she'd be about in 1841. London ancestors are often the hardest to find!

Rosie Knees
27-12-07, 13:36
Hi Nell, just spent bit of time having a search but to no avail I'm afraid.

I tried changing all the vowels round after the M and then thought that the M may have been mistrans. as a W so tried some of those as well. NBG though.

Good luck with them.

Rachel Scand
27-12-07, 14:01
:confused: they're probably in Paddington with mine ! :D ... or in another of the missing areas ...
It's soooo very frustrating, I really need mine in 1841 to clear up a mystery or two ...