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25-12-07, 03:11
This is a photo I have just got from my mum she didn't know she had it and doesn't have any info surrounding it apart from it being of my g grandparents who lived in St George Bristol Glo until the 1950s then they retired to Clevedon Somerset. Could someone help me age the photo and if possible tell me where they were please?


Dead Rellies
25-12-07, 03:14
Thats a very steep beach, sorry i dont know, but i am wondering what all them clothers are doing on the floor around them LOL.

25-12-07, 03:45
Gee Pat it is only 3.45am over there have you been to bed yet...pmsl

25-12-07, 12:59
i would say 1930,s because of the glasses small and round,alf garnet type.i thought that i can see a striped tie and the mans collar is open could be his,stoney beach could be llandudno wales?brenda xxx

25-12-07, 14:05
Would that be a holiday place then Brenda.

Thanks for the year range mate. I that the tie on the rocks you are talking about?
The clothes that Pat was referring to I was having trouble working out what all that was. Must have been others with them who went swimming do you think? What do you think the striped tie means then?

It is really spooky every time I look at him he reminds me more and more of Dad amd one of his brothers they sure are his grandchildren.

25-12-07, 14:07
Oh how rude of me

Merry Christmas Brenda hope you are having a great day with your family mate.

Dead Rellies
25-12-07, 14:53
at a stab in the dark i would say Brigton or somewhere near as they have a pebbley beach and in parts is quite steep.

25-12-07, 15:02
Where is Brigton Pat please mate pardon my higgerence?

Dead Rellies
25-12-07, 15:04
Brighton | City Guide | East Sussex | UK (http://www.brighton.co.uk/)

there you go

25-12-07, 15:12
Living in Bristol that would be a holiday trip wouldn't it Pat?

Dead Rellies
25-12-07, 15:16
Yes definatly so kind of outting or weekend away for the family

25-12-07, 15:30
My grandparents and their 5 boys (my Dad about 10 and second youngest) came out here in 1927 so that holiday would have been after they had emmigrated so it wasn't them with them but there was another younger son and 2 girls so that could be who was swimming and belonging to the clothes.

Thank you for your help Pat and I am hoping you are enjoying your Christmas Day while I am tieing you up here...lol Merry Christmas mate.

25-12-07, 15:41
Just for interest sake Pat and Brenda this is their eldest son and his family my Dad is on our far left beside his mother. This was taken at Bondi Beach Sydney Australia not long after they arrived in Australia in 1927.


25-12-07, 20:16
everyone seemed to go to llandudno,and yes its the coast of wales,beach is all pebbles.
thankyou hope your day went well too,take care brenda xxx

Muggins in Sussex
26-12-07, 02:48
Hi, McPanda

My first thought was that it could be Chesil Beach, which runs along the south coast of Dorset from Portland to West Bay - (Portland is near Weymouth, a holiday resort on the Dorset coast) - it would have to be the Weymouth/Portland end of the beach, as that is where it is stoniest.

26-12-07, 03:00
Hi Joan how's your Christmas going mate.

So looking at Pats link she left me it is the same coastline as Brighton but Weymouth end. Have I got that right ... boy my geography knowledge is getting a boost with this...lol
Thanks for the help Joan. Don't you sleep either...lol My UK clock tells me it is nearly 3am over there...you still celebrating? lol

Muggins in Sussex
26-12-07, 03:15
Hi McP

Got up very early, was in bed at 8 and am now wide awake !! - but will go back to bed soon or will be wrecked tomorrow. Hope you've had a good day.

Weymouth is on the South Coast, like Brighton, but Brighton is in Sussex and Weymouth is in Dorset - and there is Hampshire in between, so it's quite a distance apart

Muggins in Sussex
26-12-07, 03:18
Here is a picture of it........Chesil Beach in Dorset (http://www.worldheritagecoast.net/place.aspx?place=6)

26-12-07, 04:53
Chesil Beach, Dorset - Geological Field Guide, General Introduction by Dr. Ian West. (http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imw/chesil.htm#portend)

Joan I Googled a bit and geologically I think the pebbles are bigger Portland end and in the photo at this link it looks like the houses that were behind them in the photo I posted. Or do you think I am only seeing what I want to see...lol

Muggins in Sussex
26-12-07, 07:35
Yes, the stones are bigger at the Portland and gradually get smaller towards the West Bay end ( strangely, the stones are also graded horizontally as well as vertically, so if you looked at the bottom layer of the beach, the smallest would be at the Portland end) - does that make sense?

I think the beach is abouty twenty miles long, so the scenery does vary quite a bit

Certainly now, the buildings there are not used as houses ( if they are houses, I don't think that this would be Chesil Beach) - they are some holiday chalets and some used by fishermen for storage - especially of lobster pots.

I am not certain, but does look very like Chesil Beach to me... and Portand adjoins Weymouth which was a popular holiday resort, which you could get to by train .

I lived in Weymouth as a child, the train used to reach the station at the north of the town, and then travel through the streets preceded by a man with a flag until it reached the harbour when people would board ferries to France and the Channel Islands. There was then a bridge across Portland harbour which would take passengers on to the Isle of Portland.

It is certainly a very spectacular stretch of coastline

26-12-07, 07:51
Wonder why they don't include it in the UK tours because this is a stark differnece to our beaches over here and the history you just gave me is very interesting. I guess if they went everywhere to follow a bit of history we would never complete the tour in the alotted time or it would have to be streached out a bit more which would up the price and add the extra time I suppose it would be out of the range of peeps on holiday. Gee I wish I had known all this before 1999 when Mum and I were over there.

Muggins in Sussex
26-12-07, 07:58
Just found these pics of the train going through the streets of Weymouth

Weymouth,Dorset,England - Railway and Boat Train at Weymouth (http://www.weymouth-dorset.co.uk/railway.html)

So don't have much idea of the age of your photos - maybe someone else will

26-12-07, 08:19
Wow that is one big train to travel through the streets of the town/village? Must have been exciting for you as a child Joan. Thank you for that it was all very interesting. Love this site you learn things you never even knew would interest you because of the ignorance of not knowing it existed.

As for the date of the photo it seems to be the common belief that the 1930s cover it. I was thinking today and the idea drifted through my head that if it was summer when my branch arrived here in Australia with travel time it may have been summer the last time they were with there parents/grandparents and this might have been the summer of 1927 which is close to 1930s and this may have been the last time they were together. What a bother that they couldn't have all been in the photo together and that would have solved the whole thing. BUT then I wouldn't have ask the queston and then I wouldn't have found out all this other very interesting information. THANK YOU JOAN - BRENDA AND PAT.

Jill on the A272
26-12-07, 09:22
Hi McPanda, I'm in Sussex and there are no beaches as steep and deep as this from Eastbourne (chalk cliffs) west through Brighton (steep but with lots of buildings and a promenade) and along to the border with Hampshire. Looks like a flint beach though.

26-12-07, 09:31
So you don't think we have the right spot then Jill? You got any ideas then mate?

Would there be a change over the years do you think?

26-12-07, 09:33
OH is a local to this area and says it could well be a photo at Cleveland Estuary (although there is a part they call a beach) - if you could just swing the photo round a bit and see if there's a pier there it would be a big help:)

26-12-07, 10:44
Gee Trish if I was that good I would get them to tell me where the blahdy swell they are mate.....pmslroflmao

26-12-07, 10:51
Actually Trish they retired to Clevedon in Somerset and their younger daughter married a Gordon Rowe and lived there so if they were there visiting that would cover as a possible reason for them to be there before retirement wouldn't it. They both died at Clevedon she 1954 he 5 months later 1955 but both are burried in Avon View Cemetery pictures of which I have due to the great kindness of Daphney (thanks Daphney) and her OH.

26-12-07, 19:42
I think Rowe is a good local name to these parts (I'm a foreigner from the other side of the country:)).

OH said landscape is just right for it to be Clevedon (sorry I called it Cleveland in my other posting didn't I? Told you I was a foreigner to these parts)

27-12-07, 06:13
Tell your OH thanks very much Trish Clevedon makes good sence. Wish I could find live rellies from those Rowes they might have more photos of my g grandparents but haven't had any luck so far.

Muggins in Sussex
27-12-07, 06:23
Hi McP - it certanly looks rather like this pic of Clevedon


(i think I was wrong about Chesil Beach :o)

27-12-07, 08:34
Logged Out on Flickr - Photo Sharing! (http://flickr.com/photos/ian-m5j21/1518784612/)

This could be right about Clevedon look at the rocks in this shot as well.

Muggins in Sussex
27-12-07, 09:19
It sure does MacP!

Sorry if I led you on a wild goose chase yesterday!!

I don't think the link I posted above works - the pic is here
If Images Stock Photography (http://www.ifimages.com/rss/images.xml?display=12&keywords=clevedon)

It's sea-angler fishing one that I thought looked like your photo

27-12-07, 09:50
No problems Joan could very well have been correct I appreciate your help mate and I learned a lot through it. Would never had known about the train if you hadn't put forward the link and we chatted about it.

I worked around the link and got it to work by copy and paste from the site. Sure is a rocky place. But they wont get soil errosion problem we get along the coast when we have cyclones one of which is supposed to be wondering around of the coast of North Queensland at the moment but hasn't turned towards land yet. We all take odds now as to where it will cross the coastline...lol

Did the link I put up work for you it is one of the beach(?) with a lady laying down.

27-12-07, 09:51
Unfortunately the angle of the photo is out to sea not towards land. Butter!

27-12-07, 11:53
i still think its llandudno as the pebbles are very big and the pebbles go far to the sea,awfull for walking on brenda xxx

27-12-07, 14:37
aaaawww Brenda you are giving me a headache :D maybe I should get in touch with Terry Irwins pshycic while he is out here trying to contact Steve :D

I will keep Googleing photos maybe try and find some of these beaches in the 30s for comparisons.

Thank you Brenda, Pat and Joan for all your help and the interest you have shown also for the interesting information I have been given.

27-12-07, 15:35
your very welcome i will try and find the llandudno beach i have some photo,s but i dont think it will be today have a good evening brenda xxx

Nicky L
28-12-07, 16:49
Have canvassed the opinions of several Bristolians (Clevedon is only 12 miles from Bristol) none of us think it is Clevedon as the beach in the picture is too steep. However it may well be the Somerset coast, maybe down near Watchet or Dunster as the pebbles look similar shaped. The other thought was Dorset, round Charmouth area (not that far from Chesil Beach and Weymouth)


29-12-07, 11:15
Thanks Nicky I am grateful for you opinion mate.

Brenda looked at the photos mate but don't think the rocks are dense enough there seems to be a lot of sand mix in patches as compared to the photo of my greats. I Googled for 1930s and the beaches don't seem steep enough actually ended up with 1920 plates. The rocks in the 1930s photos of the Clevedon area still look more the possiblity.

29-12-07, 18:59
I think the angle of the pic is a bit misleading. Don't think it is quite as steep as it looks & I think it is my favourite Somerset beach. There are a few more beach huts there now & they cost a fortune on the rare occasions they come up for sale.

I think it is Dunster beach.

30-12-07, 05:48
Would that be close if they were staying with their daughter and her family in Clevedon Viviene?

Just Barbara
30-12-07, 16:47
I've just been watching The Blue Lamp, which was made in 1949, the ladies clothes look about then or perhaps the early 50s...

Nicky L
30-12-07, 20:51
Dunster is probably about 50 miles from Clevedon, and it would have been possible to get there by train, as well as by road.

Nicky x

01-01-08, 05:37
They moved to Clevedon in the early 50s to retire so that puts them in the right time frame to be at Dunstan or one of the beaches around Clevedon and the way you guys over there don't like to travel too far for a day out hehe I am betting on the closest beach to Clevedon...lol Thanks guys and HAPPY NEW YEAR I hope 2008 brings all your walls down and mine to..lol.

Thank you Barbara and Nicky

Sheila from Down Under
02-01-08, 04:25
Just popped in to say Happy New Year McP,, It looks like most beaches in the UK so I'm not any help,

02-01-08, 06:03
Thanks for the New Year wishes Sheila and Happy New Year to you and OH to mate.

I am going to appease my couriosty with saying it is a beach near Clevedon in the early 1950s after they retired there and make myself happy with that...pmsl...All these lovely peeps have been very helpful Sheila and I appreciate their help greatly. I will just have to go over and walk the beaches? around Clevedon and see what has the similar view...lol *rushes out and buys numerous entries in the Lotto*

02-01-08, 11:04
It was so sunny when I woke this morning that I thought about driving over to Dunster for you but then the clouds came over & I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer! :D

02-01-08, 11:59
Have heard it is raining in Scotland and the Virgin Islands and it is here in Queensland now you say it is raining in the SW UK ... I think the flood is back better go build an ark...pmsl

That was a lovely thought Viv thank you very much.

Rachel Scand
02-01-08, 12:31
Have just seen this thread .... and am reading it with interest
Can't be of any help with the location ... but googled Clevedon and thought this one looked nice :)

Picture Show (http://www.somerset.gov.uk/archives/ASP/PostcardShow.asp?Image=../Images/Postcard2/A3000/A3000011.jpg&Title=Clevedon%2C+The+Beach)

03-01-08, 02:50
Thanks Rachel steepish rocky down near water if they were watching grand kids swimming and there is the pier that Trish's OH was talking about :)

That is a good photo Rachel now why didn't it come up for me when I Googled maybe I needed an Apple Mac :D:D:D

Rachel Scand
03-01-08, 11:07
Hi MacP .... I love your new signature ... aaaaaah :)

25-02-08, 10:24
Gee thought I answered you ages ago Rachel I must have clicked forum jump and forgot to click post quick reply silly old dufus I am...pmsl'

What I said back then was

Thank you I kinda melted when I saw it so had to have it...pmsl Lost the words when I shrunk it if you cant read it either it says PANDAS FOREVER aaaaawwwww couldn't go by it...lol

Rachel Scand
25-02-08, 10:38
Hi MacP
I can read it .... it's quite a good size :D :D


25-02-08, 11:03
aaawwww thank you Rachel isn't that just sooooo cute. I have snaggled it mate thanks.

Rachel Scand
25-02-08, 11:10
:) ... how about this one ? .... lunchbox ? :confused:


25-02-08, 13:53
pmsl Rachel got a full video of that one and it's brothers and sisters thank you but they sure are beautiful. Soooo tiny at birth and grow sooooo quickly to.