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24-12-07, 13:28
I have the marriage certificate of Hettie Poole who married Percy Bradbury in 1922, at Blythe Marsh in Staffs.

Hettie was born in 1895 and Percy around the same date.

Hettie died in Staffs in the early 70's but I can find no trace whatsoever of a death record. Her name is 'Hettie' on her marriage certificate and 'Hetty' on the 1901 census and I have tried every variation I can think of, but to no avail.

Has anyone any bright ideas please?:confused:


24-12-07, 13:33
do you know if she out lived Percy?

maybe some well meaning person registered her death as Henrietta.

Any clues as to when she died- you say 70's - can you narrow it?

24-12-07, 13:47
Hi Jess

She did outlive Percy - I'm yet to find when he died! She is actually my OH's grandmother and he remembers going to see her when he passed his driving test in 1971 and she died soon after that. She went to live with her daughter in Staffs, so I know that's where she died. I've tried all sorts of variations of the name, but zilch so far!


I've just found a 'Harriet' Bradbury who died in Staffs in 1974 aged 89, but that would put her birth back by ten years and it would be rather a large 'stretch' of the truth to give her age on marriage as that much younger wouldn't it??

Merry Monty Montgomery
24-12-07, 14:42
Have you checked your OH's licence in case that's not when he passed his test?

24-12-07, 14:52
Yep, just whizzed it off him - poor man thought I'd gone mad(der)!!


24-12-07, 15:19
I'll have to drag myself away until tomorrow, so thank you both for your input.


Uncle John
24-12-07, 15:49
Hester is another possible alternative to Hetty (and could then get mangled to Esther).

Chrissie Smiff
24-12-07, 16:51
Are you quite sure that Percy didn't die youngish and Hettie remarry?

24-12-07, 17:04
I found a death for g'grandmother who was ten years younger than I expected (knew) her to be. It was the only likely one in the right area, right name etc. So I sent for it.

It was right. Her daughter had registered the death, you would think she would have known wouldn't you?

From this I got her daughter's married name. Could finally find all of them in the previous census, and I got another daughter marriage because of a grandchild at the house.

So I would say the 1974 one is worth having.

24-12-07, 23:26
Have you tried on Staffordshire BMD in case it's one of those that got lost on the way to the GRO indexes?

Little Nell
25-12-07, 00:23
My Mum's Aunt Het's real name was Esther.

25-12-07, 20:58
Thank you all so much for your interest and help. I'll digest it all and then take action!

I had similar trouble with my maternal grandmother. She was 'Annie Knagg' on her birth and marriage certs, whereas her given name was 'Hannah Woodend Knagg'.

But family history wouldn't be interesting of it was easy would it!