View Full Version : Any idea when these could have been?

23-12-07, 22:59
Hi I wonder if anyone has any idea when these photo's could have been taken so i could take a guess as to it being my grandfather or great grandfather

Snowdrops in Bloom
23-12-07, 23:05
No idea - I'm not very good at dating photos but I'd say they were both of the same boy and both taken in a photographer's studio using backdrops.

23-12-07, 23:12
I'm hoping it is my grandfather who was born in 1917.
they are postcards with the studio name & address on the back but no dates

Snowdrops in Bloom
24-12-07, 07:46
have you tried googling for the studio - they often have the dates the studio was working and it would give you some indication of the time period.

vikki brace
24-12-07, 08:57
apparently the postcard format ran from the beginning of the 1900's til approximately 1950 - I don't know if that helps narrow it down a bit

24-12-07, 11:22
1860 brenda xxx

Rachel Scand
24-12-07, 22:10
Are you able to scan the backs and put them on here ... or tell us the names/addresses of the Photographer ?

Olde Crone Holden
24-12-07, 23:40
I would say round about the first World War, give or take a few years.

That home made horse gives it away, I think - it has been made up out of odds and ends lying around, and the legs are chair legs, which have been machine turned and mass produced, making it very late Victorian at the earliest.


27-12-07, 22:32
Address on the back is
A.Geo. Bussell,City Studio
74 Barton St, Gloucester
if that helps

Just Barbara
28-12-07, 12:12
Childrens clothing is quite hard to date, and the first photo could be of either sex as they were dressed alike, but the style of the clothes and of the photo itself looks to be post 1910.......

Rachel Scand
28-12-07, 12:32
had a quick look for the photographer .... in Gloucester (googled) and also tried 1901 census .... no luck so far :confused:

28-12-07, 13:46
Thanks Rachel
I had a quick look on google with no luck as well.
I am pretty sure they are of my grandad born 1917 or his brother born 1915 rather than of their father.

29-12-07, 19:03
I think they are older than that - the pictures, not the boys

Just Barbara
29-12-07, 20:15
The child in the second picture appears to be wearing knitted gaiters/socks, that is a 20th century thing.

vikki brace
29-12-07, 21:43
I found the Photographer in the 1914 Kelly's directory for Gloucestershire

Bussell Alb Geo 74 Barton St Gloucester

Historical Directories (http://www.historicaldirectories.org/hd/PAGEVIEWER.ASP?fn=00007I4N.TIF&dn=LUL1020tif&zoom=in)

Checked in 1897 and he wasn't there then, but at least it gives you a better idea

Rachel Scand
29-12-07, 22:10
I've been looking for him on the censuses just out of curiosity and can not find him. :confused:

There's a birth of an .. Albert George Bussell 1880 .... Axbridge, Somerset .... but no sign of him after that