View Full Version : Want another challenge? Where are this lot 1901?

Little Nell
23-12-07, 18:37
1891 RG12/251 96 p. 21 46 Lynstock Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Robins, William 43 abt 1848 Head St Lukes, London occup: looks like painter
Robins, Minnie abt 1858 St Lukes, Wife
Caroline abt 1875 Shoreditch, Daur laundry
William abt 1877 St Lukes, Son errand boy (port)
Robins, Jane abt 1879 Shoreditch Daughter
Robins, Emily abt 1881 Shoreditch Daur
Robins, Francis abt 1883 Shoreditch Son
Robins, Catherine abt 1885 Shoreditch Daur
Robins, Joseph abt 1887 Shoreditch, Son
Robins, Minnie abt 1890 Shoreditch, Daur

I've found a likely death ref for William Robins 1900 in Hackney, though without getting the cert can't be sure its him. But cannot find any of these folk at all!

Jill on the A272
23-12-07, 18:52
RG13/277/71 p7 still at 46 Lynstock St,with additional children Frederick,Christopher & Sidney

Little Nell
24-12-07, 09:09

That was quick, thank you. Off to look now!

UPDATE - just looked. Can't understand why these people didn't appear when I looked putting in same details!!!

Thanks again!

Little Nell
24-12-07, 09:14
Can anyone work out first word for Minnie's occupation here? It looks like -------- at infirmary?

Lyn A
24-12-07, 09:27
Nell, it looks like Sembler to me...haven't a clue what that is, so still looking hard at it through squinty eyes to see if I can come up with something else!

Lyn A
24-12-07, 09:31
Nah, can't get anything else out of it. Seems like the Census folks couldn't either by the question mark they have put next to it. They seem to have settled for Institute S (ervant?)

Little Nell
24-12-07, 19:44
Thanks for trying!