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Jeanie with one n.
22-12-07, 14:00
I am very aware that if my husband and I dropped dead, all the hard work we have put into our tree would be lost.I do have it in folders but all the notes that bring it to life are on the comp. tree.
This is because at the moment it is on Genes, PAF, Tribal pages and ancestry.
So whilst the PAF would be on our comp. it would get lost when that was disposed of.
Which is the best way to record it on disc.
I know nothing about Family tree maker.
Is the info kept on discs that can be passed down to grandchildren?
And can you upload your tribal pages ged com on to it?
Thanks in anticipation.

22-12-07, 14:37
Jeanie have you got FTM or just a Pah program ,
I dont know anything about Paf as I couldnt get away with it , but on FTM all you do is go into file , on the top line,,,Back up , then Back up to disc ;;;

Little Nell
22-12-07, 17:38
You can use Gedcom to transport info in PAF to another computer, onto disc or to a memory stick or other external device and I believe the same is true for other genealogy software programmes.

22-12-07, 23:21
You can print off a "book" on Paf and give it to rellies as Christmas pressies! That way someone bound to keep a copy!:D

Sunny Kate
23-12-07, 04:26
I've burnt copies of my PAF file to several CDs and also added copies of relevant photos. My sister and niece each have a copy and I have a spare CD lodged with our special papers in safe keeping. As I don't want to lose any data in some unforeseen disaster I also have carry a copy on a memory stick.

Little Nell
23-12-07, 07:38
You could also have a hard copy (paper) in an acid-proof case buried with you, just to be on the safe side!

Jeanie with one n.
23-12-07, 11:25
Thank you for all the above suggestions. My PAF has not taken all my notes from TP since it gets confused with the photo data.
I hadn't realized that I could download my ged to disk.
Will get husband on to it.
Thanks again

23-12-07, 11:42
I always print out stuff for my tree and have endless folders. Should none of my family want it at a later date then I want to donate it to the history society where I was born. It just may be of some help to someone with research in the future.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
23-12-07, 11:54
The thing to remember though is that if you save a GEDCOM file onto disc/stick or hard drive then you need software installed that can read a GEDCOM file.

It is possible to read a file in Notepad or Word but unless you know all the tags, fields, relationship markers etc then even a file for two or three people is almost impossible to understand.

GEDCOM files cannot transfer images, they are text only so if you want to save a GEDCOM file and images you would have to save them separately. it could be done on one disc/stick (depending on the file sizes obviously), but you would have at least two types of files saved, the *GED file would have the names/dates/events/notes etc, the images would be Jpeg, bmap,tiff or whatever your image storage method is.

23-12-07, 18:16
mine is printed and on disc ,i was a taylor before i married where do your taylors come from im on the gedcom base . brenda xxx

Jeanie with one n.
23-12-07, 21:13
Of course, by the time my grandchildren are old enough to be interested in family history, say in 25 years time, comps as we know them probably won't exist.

Hi Brenda, I think we have been in touch previously re Taylors, mine came from Sedgley and I'm also on this Gedcom.

Jean and Tonic
23-12-07, 21:37
I'm compiling mine at the moment Jeanie, including my own family ...... I'm making a story of it, adding copies of pictures, documents and everything ...... then I'm going to have it bound in hardback ..... it makes a nice book and doesn't cost that much.

When I've got it all ready, I will make a few more copies to disc ..... (as if I haven't already got enough)


Len of the Chilterns
23-12-07, 22:59
I have recorded my families on CD-r and named and dated each disc. This is important as these CD-r discs cannot be over-written therefore updates have to be on new discs. I use this particular format to be sure the contents cannot be accidently overwritten.

As CDs and DVDs (or the machines that play them) will eventually become obsolete and descendants may not be able to access the contents, I also make sure that I preserve several printed copies as I feel the printed word will always be available.

Jill on the A272
23-12-07, 23:15
I'm about to distribute my research to the family (hoped to get it done for Christmas but life got in the way) I printed a paper master copy for the non-computer using family and will put on disc for the others. It's out of date already of course.