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Pat Hope
19-12-07, 22:04
I have had my FTM 2005 for quite a while and not had any problems. I have just tried to look at it but I got the message "FTM cannot find your file. Please check 'Directories' and 'Drives' fields to ensure that you are supplying the correct path" Help!!

Elaine ..Spain
19-12-07, 22:19
It sounds as if you have either moved your normal family tree file, or you have recently opened up a file (maybe a gedcom) on another part of your computer - and FTM is having problems locating where your master file is.

Open up Family Tree Maker and click on FILE
At the bottom of the box which opens up you should see a list of the recent files that you have opened. Can you see your master file there. If so click on it and it should open OK.

Come back if you are still having problems!

Pat Hope
19-12-07, 22:23
I have 4 files listed in the box I have clicked on all of them and got the same message!

Elaine ..Spain
19-12-07, 22:28

On your desktop, at the bottom left hand corner, click on START
Click on FIND
and in the top box enter *.FTW
Click the FIND button

This should bring up all of your family tree files and tell you where they are located on your computer.
Can you see your master file there? If so click on it and it should open in Family Tree Maker.

Pat Hope
19-12-07, 22:38
I'm not sure what I am doing. All the files that were listed were gedcom files I don't know which is the master file. I'll leave it until my son comes over christmas. Thanks anyway.

Elaine ..Spain
19-12-07, 22:43
Pat - if you did a search for files ending with an extension .FTW then they are Family Tree Maker Files, not gedcom files.

A gedcom file would end in the extension .GED

I would suggest that when your son helps you he moves all your Family Tree Maker Files into one folder in My Documents so they are all kept together and so the program will know where it has to look to find the files.