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19-12-07, 17:04
that are still being a pain.........

well, I have just had a look on a PR cd this is what I have found

Henry Alexander Payne
parents Henry William Payne and Rose Mary DANIELS

even have his DOB and his addy ...whay hey!!! result! (was a RC baptism as well) :):)

So, it looks like Elaine in Spain was right and this Rose Daniels was the one and the same Rose Payne...

Still cant find them on the flippin census though.... apart from the 1901 of course... arrgghhh

Snowdrops in Bloom
19-12-07, 17:06
If you find any from the Worcester or Manchester area give me a shout - they're mine! (possibly)

19-12-07, 17:33
right have just found her, on the 1891 and 1881 cens,

but no sign of her "hubby".... thats if she did marry him.....poo

vikki brace
19-12-07, 17:35
Julie - Do you want to give us the details and we can see if we can find them?

19-12-07, 18:53
Sorry Havent replied before, was having a few problems, so cooked dinner...lol

1881-Class: RG11; Piece: 3367; Folio: 11; Page: 15; (as Daniels)
1891-Class: RG12; Piece: 2699; Folio 116; Page 17; (as Daniels)
1901-Class: RG13; Piece: 3169; Folio: 76; Page: 2. (as Payne)

Have found a bapt as well for John (Jack) Payne No fathers name given but is just reg'd by mother Rose Daniels. (in RC church)

Elaine ..Spain
19-12-07, 18:58
Rose in 1871 ?

RG10; Piece: 2638; Folio: 18; Page: 28

Elaine ..Spain
19-12-07, 19:00
and Rose / Rosa in 1861

RG9; Piece: 1778; Folio: 66; Page: 11

19-12-07, 19:30
Just about to have a look at those refs Elaine...

she'd have to be pretty brazen though wouldnt she to have children bapt without a father present in a RC church wouldnt she?