View Full Version : Please can anyone read this name

18-12-07, 21:50
Hoping that you can read the name below its for my gggg grandmother born c 1800 in Scotland
Have to go to bed now, start work at 6:30 in the morning :(
Will look in tomorrow:)


John Cuthbertson Farmer and Mary? ? Living

Jen Red Purple
18-12-07, 22:03
Tried the old squint at it thing, and I suggest Hawkins.


Christine in Herts
18-12-07, 22:05
Jen's idea a good one - or HANKIN?

H/K a n/w k i n (s)... Hawkins or Hankin, I'd say.


Little Nell
18-12-07, 22:13
My first thought was Hankin.

18-12-07, 22:23
My first thought was Hankin.

Mine too.

Lyn A
18-12-07, 22:52
I think it is Hawkin(s).

Christine in Herts
18-12-07, 23:32
My reason for favouring HANKIN, is that the other name has a comma between it and the associated occupation, and I think the bit that makes the last letter look like an s is actually a similar comma.


Astro Lady
19-12-07, 00:50
I think its Hawkin and, like Christine says,the comma at the end is mistaken for an s.

Olde Crone Holden
19-12-07, 01:33
Sorry, but I completely disagree with you all and think it says:

Mary ??? m.s. KIVER


Harrys mum
19-12-07, 04:56
Looks like Mary MacKivor to me.

Hope it is, cos, I've got a couple of MacKivors.

Cath RJ
19-12-07, 13:16

If you have a rough idea of when/where they were married you might find the record on Scotlands People (presuming you haven't tried that already). Hopefully it may be a bit easier to read.

Olde Crone Holden
19-12-07, 16:21
Agree with Harry's mum, although I see "m.s" (maiden surname), but many of these Scottish certs missed off the Mac or Mc, taking them as read.

(Tip for searching early scottish records - add Mc or Mac in front of the name, or subtract it!)


19-12-07, 19:35
Thank you,
I cannot find Hankin, Hawkin, Mc Kiver, Kiver or MacKiver
The only ones on Scotlands people in the in the years I am looking for are - Mary Russell, Margaret Shields and Margaret Ferguson:(

20-12-07, 11:25
Could be one of those marriages that isn't in the OPR's, of course. Or one of those marriages they had in Scotland where there was no actual marriage ceremony at all, I can't think of the name for it just now...

20-12-07, 11:41
Did they have any other children who were born in Scotland? If so then maybe the baptism / birth entries for those will be easier to read. Can you give us a bit more information - where and when was their child born, for instance? Do you have them on any censuses? Then we will know where to start looking to try to help, as it seems everybody has a different interpretation of the name in the image.