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vikki brace
18-12-07, 14:58
Hi All

I have made contact with a possible relly on GR but as is sometimes the case, she has not got any certs to back up her findings, Anyway I was looking at her tree and it just didn't add up, So I ordered the cert that would clarify the situation and now it looks like she has the wrong family, but before I try and break it to her (very gently) I would just like a second opinion on my findings (don't want to look stupid...........hard I know:D)

OK here it is

B Cert - Living Rogers b. 18 apr 1919 Father Walter Rogers Carman Journeyman (ex gunner RGA) mother Sophia rogers Formerly White

1901 Census
Walter Rogers b.1879
Sophia Rogers b.1879
Sophia Rogers b.1899
RG13; Piece: 378; Folio: 103; Page: 29

M Cert - Sophia White M Walter Rogers 6th Aug 1899 age 20 Spinster - Walter White - Basket Maker

1891 Census 27 Westcote Street
Charles White b.1831 - Basket Maker
Mary Ann White b.1843
Elizabeth White b.1876
Sarah White b.1879
Sophia White b.1881
James White b.1881

1881 Census 27 Westcote Street
Charles White b.1842 - Basket Maker
Mary Ann White b.1841
Elizabeth White b.1875
Sarah Ann White b.1877
Sophia White b.1879
(plus 4 other children, who remain a mystery)

B Cert - Sophia Agnes White b.11 Jan 1879 Father Charles White Basket Maker Mother Mary Ann Catherine White formerly Nuckley

M Cert - Charles Walter White M Mary Ann Catherine Nuckley 30 Mar 1874 Batchelor - Basket Maker - Father George Samuel White - Labourer

Have I missed anyting? I don't think I have but now i'm worried i've made one of those really basic mistakes:confused:

18-12-07, 15:05
It looks absolutely spot on. Occupations & ages right, with Charles being Charles Walter, alias Walter.

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-12-07, 15:11
Whereabouts has the other researcher gone on a different path?

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-12-07, 15:12
Do you know why Sophia's father is Walter White on her marriage cert and Charles White on her birth cert, or is that a typo??!!! :)

vikki brace
18-12-07, 15:22
not sure why Sophia's father is Walter on her Marriage and Charles on her birth, I assume it was because he was Charles Walter White (so known as both. I have never been able to find a Walter White basket maker........
Trust me I have tried

The other researcher has
Mary White (sister of Sophia) M Albert Dickson
Charles White M Mary Ann Burt 1859
Father John White b.1806
Mother Emma Hall b.1811

So we match with Charles and Mary Ann White 1881 census, but then she has a different wife and parents for Charles. She said she has Charles on the 1871-1851 census, but I have never found him and neither has anyone here, and when I ask for the reference for the census, I get no reply

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-12-07, 15:34
Oops, I didn't spot that bit about him being Charles Walter! I'd accept that bit OK then, esp with a fairly unusual occ :)

Haven't taken in your last post yet!

Merry Monty Montgomery
18-12-07, 15:37
So we match with Charles and Mary Ann White 1881 census, but then she has a different wife and parents for Charles. She said she has Charles on the 1871-1851 census, but I have never found him and neither has anyone here, and when I ask for the reference for the census, I get no reply

Could you say that you have struggled to find Charles on the census so you bought a cert/certs to check the findings so far and offer to give her a copy of the cert/s?? Or the copy of one of them!! lol You don't have to say she is wrong....just offer the cert!

vikki brace
18-12-07, 15:40
I did offer Sophia's birth and marriage cert, but she doesn't seem to want them, even though the birth cert would clarify that her mother was Nuckley not Burt

18-12-07, 15:58
I'm sure you are right and she is wrong, Vikki. Unfortunately that's the kind of trap people fall into when they don't want to fork out for certs, and Mary Ann being such a common name, also White being a common surname, she probably just looked for a Charles White / Mary Ann marriage and when she found one, assumed it was the right one. Maybe she has traced the "wrong" people back through the censuses and doesn't want to accept that all her hard work was a waste of time!

I found something similar for a contact of mine, although that being a Notts one, I didn't actually have to pay for any certs, just looked stuff up at the record office, but I'm glad to say that in my case they agreed that they had got it wrong and were grateful to be given the correct info!

vikki brace
18-12-07, 16:05
Thanks Phoenix Merry and Kite, I will message her and see what comes back, at least I have had my info confirmed and I can stop doubting myself.

Durham Lady
18-12-07, 16:18
Vikki, it looks ok to me so hope you can get the other person to accept the help you are offering. I Can't understand those who won't.

I had something similar with a contact on GR some time ago. He had accepted things from lots of different people, never bought a certificate where he could or looked at a parish record and even had at least one person married before they were born. :D
I wrote first saying I thought he'd mixed up 3 families and did he want help and he gave me all the info he had been given. I was able to sort it out and put him right and onto his correct line. He was very grateful and said he'd only started his research after watching WDYTYA and hadn't realised there was so much too it.


18-12-07, 16:32
Creating trees without certificates is so easy these days, and we can all so easily make mistakes.

A potential relative got in touch and it looked as if his great granny Kate Horne and my Great Aunt Kate were one & the same person. He phoned me: we chatted happily for a good hour. I put the phone down and my mother, who had been listening with ill-concealed irritation, said " How many children did he say she had?"
"About half a dozen" I replied cheerily
"And how did she die?"
"At a reasonable age" I hedged, beginning to feel uneasy.
"Aunt Kate" said my mother "Had one daughter. And she committed suicide. Your grandfather had to identify the body."

Whoops. Two people, same name, same age, same birthplace. But my family are from Wilts and his from Sussex. We're not even cousins.