View Full Version : 1891 census lookup help please...

Sunny Kate
18-12-07, 04:07
Could some kind person help with a lookup in the 1891 census for:

MaryAnn or Mary Clark(e) born Holton Suffolk 1821. She was living at Harwich Road Colshester Essex in 1881.

I'm not sure what year she died as there are several possibilities on Free BMD.

Lyn A
18-12-07, 04:58
I think this is the most likely one.

RG12; Piece: 1412; Folio 75; Page 2

Rachel Scand
18-12-07, 11:04
There's a death in Colchester (Essex) ... which fits quite nicely

Mary Ann Clark .... March Q 1897 ... age given as 74

Sunny Kate
19-12-07, 05:26
Thanks Lyn. Will check it out.
Thanks Rachel. Yes I thought that might be the one as the age difference is closer than the other entries for same name.

Rachel Scand
19-12-07, 10:10
The location of the others in Essex would seem to be far nearer London.
Colchester is over to the East of the County, nearer the sea.

Sunny Kate
20-12-07, 04:54
Thanks Rachel. I finally got around to looking up Colchester on a map - my knowledge of English geography is somewhat vague.