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vikki brace
17-12-07, 16:26
not unusual I know but this might mean something

I have just finished transcribing a will I downloaded from TNA, and there is a sentence which is worrying me

“William” being first int??ned in two places over the word “Thomas” J pattern /-/ Fras Duncombe /-/ Robt Pattern

it is just before the This Will was proved bit, now there is nothing in the copy of the will that I have that shows a William over a Thomas

(BTW, just doing dinner so if I don't reply straight away, i'm not ignoring you)

vikki brace
17-12-07, 18:24
lol Sarah

I did wonder if I explained myself properly......

Ok it is the will of Thomas Haines proved 1787. The last sentence reads

“William” being first int??lined in two places over the word “Thomas”

In the will he leaves pretty much everything to his 2 sons, Thomas and James. but no where in the copy of the will I have is there a Thomas with William written over the top. I have never come accross it before.

(Give me a second and I will paste the section in, sadly I didn't save the file when I downloaded it ages ago)

vikki brace
17-12-07, 18:29
here it is (hope its clear enough)


17-12-07, 18:32
You are looking at a will register, rather than the original will. It sounds as if the original will possibly said William where it should have said Thomas. I think the register correctly says Thomas, but indicates the change, without actually showing it.

17-12-07, 18:34
And as the sentence is where it is, the witnesses presumably wanted to be absolutely sure that they were signing a will that wouldn't be rejected as having been altered. (The word is interlined)

vikki brace
17-12-07, 18:40
Thanks for that, would the original Will still exist somewhere or is it lost in the mists of time?

at least i'm not suddenly find he was called William lol

17-12-07, 18:51
The short answer appears to be no.

I've searched the catalogue for wills for 1787 in PROB (Probate!)

PROB 10 appears to be the original wills and it doesn't look as if there's more than a single item for that year.

vikki brace
17-12-07, 18:53
thanks for looking and for your help.

off to go blind with another will;)

18-12-07, 11:08
It certainly reads to me as if it should be the way round that you first interpreted it, i.e. it said Thomas and was changed to William. I certainly have some copies of wills that say something similar and as far as I can remember, in every case the copy I have does actually show the correction, but I can't look through them all to see which ones it is and where the copy came from! Would you like to email it to me and I'll see if I can spot anything? If so then PM me and I'll give you my email address, but I'm hoping to get out and post my last couple of presents in a minute so it might be later.

vikki brace
18-12-07, 14:34
Hi Kite, thanks for the offer, But I think I know where the error was made

He left some money to the daughter of William Lightfoot and the widow of William Lightfoot, so my guess is William was called Thomas in error and then corrected

I hope you got all your pressies sorted out. Just finished wraping hubby's last few bits, thats me all done now

18-12-07, 15:02
Well, I still have a couple to buy that don't need posting.

By the way, the word is "interlined", and it means "written between the lines".