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Elizabeth Herts
17-12-07, 16:26
OH's Newton family were firebrick merchants at Bankside Southwark.

They are on the 1841 census there - father James Newton
HO 107/1088/6

James Newton's sister Hannah married John Flinn Holditch, a cider merchant, also at Bankside.
1841 census:
HO107; Piece 1088; Book: 6; Civil Parish: St Saviour; County: Surrey; Enumeration District: 12; Folio: 7; Page: 7; Line: 25

On the same page as John Holditch - just above - are his family - mother Lucretia etc.

Just above them
Isaac Newton aged 60 Fire Brick M N (born outside Surrey)

Now who is Isaac Newton??? I have only just noticed him on this census return. Surely he must be a relative of James and Hannah Newton.

I believe James and Hannah's father was Joseph Newton. Was Isaac Joseph's brother? Where was he born? I am trying to take the line back a generation.

Little Nell
17-12-07, 16:45
As he is in the same trade I think it very likely he's related. The born in county bit can be misleading - I have many instances of people recorded as not, when they were and vice versa, so don't pay too much attention to that.

Have you got James & Hannah's baptism details? It's possible Isaac could be perhaps a cousin of their father?

Little Nell
17-12-07, 16:47
Possibly your Isaac's death registration:
Isaac Newton 1850 Apr-May-Jun
Bermondsey Surrey 4 Page: 12

Elizabeth Herts
17-12-07, 16:54
Thanks Nell - I have already earmarked that death and will send for the certificate just after Christmas.

I should have said that both James and sister Hannah Newton were born in Stalybridge Cheshire. I have found references to their father (I think) Joseph as a fire brick merchant.
London Post Office Directory 1829
Jos. Newton Fire brick-merchant 15 Holland st. Blackfriars Road (south side of the river, just a few streets from Bankside)

I feel I'm almost on the brink of discovery with this lot.

James Newton - christening 17 March 1811 Stalybridge Cheshire
Hannah Newton - christening 24 JAN 1808 Stalybridge, Cheshire, England
Parents - Joseph and Jane Newton

Little Nell
17-12-07, 17:01

Yes, how often do we have 3 tantalising clues but miss that all important piece that links them?!

Elizabeth Herts
17-12-07, 17:13
Well, straight after the Christmas fesitivities I shall be ordering two death certificates -

one for Isaac Newton (as Nell gave)
one for Joseph Newton - Joseph Newton St Saviour IV 377 Dec qr 1840

I'm keeping everything crossed that they are the correct ones (Newtons appear everywhere) and that it might help me piece together more history.

Len of the Chilterns
17-12-07, 23:44
At that date Bermondsey was a very small community and people did not move around much. By doing street searches in the 1861, I realised that families tended to congregate together and I uncovered lots of rellies by that means. I combed from street to street using the "neighbours" facility on my own set of discs. Another trend I noted was for people to marry young and marry someone from nearby and for the newly-weds to settle not too far from their parents.

18-12-07, 11:03
If only that were true for my Bermondsey ancestors, Len!