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16-12-07, 21:08
Evenin' all.

I put a thread on here in which people kindly copied me some useful info, but the last post was a month ago tomorrow so it's about to disappear!

Is there a way to save it? Can I save the thread or parts of it onto my computer? And can I send it as an e-mail attatchment to my (hopefully)cousin in New Zealand?

The answers to these and many other questions are outside the bounds of my limited IT competence!:confused:

16-12-07, 21:12
can you just add a post to it now to keep it on the front page, then you will have time to sort out how to save it?

16-12-07, 21:13
Are you sure that isn't considered cheating?

Oh what the hell - good idea, I'll do it now!

16-12-07, 21:14
i've just done it! I think

16-12-07, 21:15
what you can do is open a word document and copy and paste into it all the information you want to save.

16-12-07, 21:19
Aaah - slight snag - my computer has somehow lost word (it's getting a bit old & frazzled - aren't we all!).

I could try moving over to the lap top - I think that's got word on, but I usually avoid it because it deliberately annoys me. ( Don't bother trying to disprove the malevolence of inanimate objects to me, cos I'm not having it!).

16-12-07, 21:21
OK - I'm going to take a deep breath & try to get the lap top to cooperate. I may be gone some time......If I'm not back on here in 30 minutes, send out a search party!

16-12-07, 21:28
Wow, that must be a record - it's only taken me 12 minutes to log on!

Right, I'll have a go & let you know how I get on.

16-12-07, 21:37

the forum states "Threads will be deleted 1 month after the last post."

this means that a thread can be 3 months old and still running, as long as you keep adding to it or nudging it, it doesnt mean that it will be deleted after a month and thats it. :)

this will then enable you to copy the thread and save the info :):)

hope this helps

16-12-07, 21:38
Curses! I've got half way through my cutting & pasting & the laptop's siezed up on me - I've just got the irritating picture of an egg timer which won't go away!

16-12-07, 21:40
Thanks Julie - I guess I'll just have to keep nudging it up till the laptop decides to behave itself. I've gone back onto the PC now & I'm just ignoring it.

16-12-07, 21:49
was it word, or wordpad you have lost?

have you tried working from the start bar and looking in the all programs list??

start>>>all programs>>>accessories>>>wordpad

Chrissie Smiff
16-12-07, 21:49
Hi Karen

I have been wondering how I could help but even if I copied it to e-mail to you it would be on word, so you couldn't open it.

However, if you click on user tools above, you will see that it says e-mail this page. Could you perhaps just e-mail each page to the person you want to see it and to yourself so that yopu have a copy?

Chrissie Smiff
16-12-07, 21:51
Ohhhhhhh it's dissappeared. I could swear I just saw it:o

Chrissie Smiff
16-12-07, 21:52
Sorry - it's thread tools, not user tools :o

16-12-07, 21:55
Thanks Julie & Chrissie - I'll try both of those!

Len of the Chilterns
17-12-07, 23:49
My pc lost "Word" some time ago. I used the search facility to find "Microsoft Word" --- and it did.

Rachel Scand
18-12-07, 01:34
Can't you just get someone to copy/paste the info and e-mail it to you ?

Then print it ?

oops sorry didn't realise Chrissie already said that ... I think

Or just print the thread ?

18-12-07, 13:28
Download 'openoffice'.

OpenOffice.org: Home (http://www.openoffice.org/)

It's free.

Christine in Herts
18-12-07, 14:56
If someone copies it into a (e.g.) Word doc and saves it as rtf it should open into most WP packages. And it shouldn't be able to be a carrier of macro viruses, either.

(Just don't use that technique for anything with graphics: instead of the file-size shrinking, by quite a bit, usually, it will grow astronomically, because the graphics get converted to bmp.)


Mark Dudley
18-12-07, 14:59
You should have 'Show Printable Version' in the Thread Tools at the top of the thread.....

Christine in Herts
18-12-07, 22:38
I hadn't noticed that, Mark. Does the email this thread do a similar job but actually emailing it to wherever?


19-12-07, 22:21
Hello again,

I tried e-mailing it to myself & that worked. In fact altho it said "e-mail this page" it sent the whole thread.

I tried printing the whole thread before & it didn't work but I hadn't noticed the "printable version" bit. I'll try that too.

Thanks a million, all you helpful people!

Elaine ..Spain
20-12-07, 15:20
Please be aware that when using the "email this thread" facility, you will only be able to view the thread whilst it remains on the site. I think you will find that once it is deleted from the site, then you will no longer be able to view it!

So in other words - if you want to keep it - would suggest you go to Thread Tools / View Printable Version - and then either print it out or copy and paste it into a WP program.

Christine in Herts
20-12-07, 16:46
Thanks, Elaine.

I might have made a wrong assumption there!