View Full Version : GRO Scotland Lookup?

15-12-07, 06:07
Does anyone go to the GRO Scotland? They have burial indexes for Coupar Angus & Alyth. [Not MI`s but interement records]I am looking for a list of Stewarts buried at Coupar Angus and McKenzies buried at Alyth if anyone can help please.:D

Little Nell
15-12-07, 09:53
Change your title for Scotland and you might get better results!


Sue H
15-12-07, 13:47
I go but it prob wont be until late Jan/Feb now

Cath RJ
15-12-07, 19:24
Why don't you try scotfamtree.11.forumer.com
It's a great site for all Scottish family history and the people are very helpful.

16-12-07, 01:26
Hi Cath. I have looked on scotfamtree but they seemed to have stopped lookups at GRO due to lack of interest. Cheers

16-12-07, 01:28
Hi Sue. I can wait till JAn /Feb if you have the time when you get there. Cheers

Sue H
16-12-07, 01:55
No Problem..will make a note on my to do list lol :)