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14-12-07, 21:03
I am going cross eyed trying to find this family in the 1891 census, could somebody please look to see if they can find them.

Alexander Holmes 1863
Eliza Holmes 1866
Albert E Holmes 1895
Alexander H Holmes 1891
Ernest J Holmes 1897
Julia S Holmes 1889

Class: RG13; Piece: 524; Folio: 115; Page: 10.

Obviously they would only have Julia in the 1891 census and I don't think that they were all born in Deptford as it says in the 1901 census.

Thanking you in advance.


Lyn A
14-12-07, 21:24
Try this one...transcribed as Welder....

RG12; Piece: 158; Folio 130; Page 15

14-12-07, 21:35
Wow, Lyn, how on earth did you dig that one out. It is definitely the right one, Walter aged 22 was Alexander's brother and Alexander was a tripe dresser. Thank you so much you have saved me from going crazy lol.


Lyn A
14-12-07, 22:01
Hi Barbara
Julia was the least common (kind of) name that I would expect to find in that family in 1891, so I just searched for Julia with no surname and put in DOB of 1889 and Father's name of Alex*. (I left mother's name blank, just in case there had been a change of spouse between census)

About 6 came up and the Welder one showed mother as Eliza, so I checked the image. Lo & behold, it said Alexander W Holmes as head! How they managed to get Welder out of it, I am not sure. LOL!

14-12-07, 22:43
Hi Lyn,

Thanks for the information on how you did it, I have got a great deal to learn, didn't think of doing that, a bit embarressed lol.


Lyn A
14-12-07, 22:57
Don't feel embarrassed...we all have to learn and it took me about 2 years to learn that trick. The good folks here taught me! And that is why I shared the tip with you. (not to make you embarrasses, but to help you like they helped me!)